Chu Cheng Wu (MSc Management 2012)

Wu Chu Cheng

Chu Cheng, or Joseph to his friends, came from Taiwan to study MSc Management at Leeds University Business School in 2012 to help him achieve his ambition of becoming a corporate banker. As well as enjoying debating with classmates in group discussions during lectures and seminars, Chu Cheng has also had an active social life, taking part in the Leeds University Trading and Investment Society, the Taiwanese Student Society, and the Hong Kong student basketball team.

Hello Chu Cheng, what first attracted you to study at the Business School?

Leeds University Business School has a great reputation in Asia due to lots of strong alumni networks in different industries. When people talk about good universities in the UK, University of Leeds is always on the list. Moreover, Leeds University Business School is one of the famous business schools in the world. Employers highly rate students from Leeds University Business School.

My previous degree is a major in economics; however, I wanted to launch my career in banking and finance, especially institutional banking. I was eager to acquire more practical knowledge about business, I wanted to build a strong global network, and it was very important that my masters provided me with excellent career service, and after a lot of research, I found that Leeds University Business School met all of my requirements.

Tell us about your MSc Management course, what have you enjoyed the most?

Well-rounded understanding of the business world is crucial to my career. Working in a bank needs diverse business awareness and the ability to communicate with experts from different industries. After speaking with many Leeds University Business School alumni, I believed only MSc Management can provide a broad knowledge base for my enthusiasm.

The course was useful and has inspired me so much, especially the seminars. In group discussions, we had the opportunity to debate with students from different backgrounds and from different countries. I know that these experiences will play a crucial role in my life.

The life in Leeds is really amazing as well - I met so many great people. Studying at the University of Leeds has given me a chance to view the world from different angles.

What are your career aspirations, and how has your time at Leeds University Business School helped you in your future career plans?

I have wanted to be a corporate banker since my BA studies in Taiwan and I decided to study a Master’s degree at Leeds University Business School to learn more practical skills and gain more experience abroad.

The experience and skills I gained at Leeds University Business School is definitely helpful for my career. The MSc Management course focuses not only on theories but also on practical experience, and group discussions and presentation assignments shaped both my hard skills and soft skills helping me to succeed in the assessment centre.

My best achievement from my time at Leeds was getting a job before the second semester started. This is a great achievement for me and also for my family who support me all the time.

What did you like about your time in the city of Leeds and the Yorkshire region?

Life in Leeds is so amazing. There are many restaurants and bars in this lovely city, and there are also many events during the year. As a Business School student, life is very busy but also very interesting - we studied together and partied together. I really enjoy the Leeds nightlife too, there’s so much fun in Leeds to provide the best way to relax from hard work from the course.

Did you take part in any extracurricular activities during your studies?

I am on the committee for the Leeds University Trading and Investment Society (LUUTIS) and the Taiwanese student society. I am also the member of the basketball team of the Hong Kong student society. With these societies, I participated in and arranged a lot of events within this year, such as the visit to the Bank of American Merrill Lynch with LUUTIS, the Halloween party with Thai student society, and the trip to York to fight for the basketball trophy with the Hong Kong team. There were so many great things happening this year.

What was your overall highlight of your time in Leeds?

In my opinion, every aspect of life in Leeds is so different and amazing. I made friends from more than 20 nations, enhanced my communication skills and analytical skills, and gained cross-cultural experience. Everything that has happened has made this year one of the most unforgettable in my life.

Leeds University Business School offered me not only a bright and clear career path but also a new life perspective. Everything is brilliant - from the careers service, lectures, to the diverse student body. I would definitely strongly recommend Leeds University Business School to people who are looking for a wonderful Master’s degree.