Adriana Yahel Solares Solo

Adriana Yahel Solares Soto

Mexican-born AdrianaYahel Solares Soto came to Leeds in 2011 to study MSc Banking and Finance. She remembers meeting new friends and trips around the UK with fondness, as well as getting a high mark in her final essay on Current issues in Finance. She is now Associate Director at Scotiabank in Mexico.

Adriana, what was it that attracted you to Leeds University Business School?

I came across Leeds University Business School online as it did the Masters course that I wanted to study: MSc Banking and Finance. The Business School has a very good reputation in the UK, and the professors are well-recognized. I worked for four years at Scotiabank in Mexico and I wanted to improve my knowledge in the banking and finance area by studying this course at the Business School in Leeds.

When you arrived, what were your career aspirations, and how has your course helped your career and, in particular, your current role as Associate Director of Scotiabank?

I wanted to improve my knowledge, skills and experience to go back to my country and apply all the knowledge gained from my MSc at my job. I got the highest mark on my final essay for the lecture: Current Issues in Finance, which was useful when I returned home. The Masters degree also helped me a lot to get a better position at Scotiabank. I think that studying and hard work are the key to being successful, but also living with other people in the same flat and taking lessons with people from around the world helped me greatly to improve my communications skills.

How did you find the transition of coming from your home country of Mexico to study in the UK?

In the beginning it was quite hard but I met some friends who helped me with any problems, and I did not feel alone because of them. The Student Union was also very helpful in familiarising students with people from other countries and making students feel at home.

What are your memories of the Business School’s facilities and the area of Leeds in general?

Everything was pretty good. The best part of my time at Leeds was the friendships made, as well as trips around the UK, and knowing that I was studying in a nice university. Because of the friendships and the knowledge I got and the nice environment, I would definitely recommend the experience of studying at the Business School to others.