Tilemachos Mavrakis

Tilemachos Mavrakis

Tilemachos Mavrakis, from Greece, came to Leeds University Business School because of its great reputation and because his chosen programme, an MA in Human Resource Management, had clear objectives that had close links to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as well as being excellent value for money.

Tilemachos, who graduated with a distinction in 2003, made the most of the great opportunities that Leeds University Business School offered and enjoyed interacting and debating with his class mates about Human Resource Management and corporate life.

His career before joining the Business School was based in the commercial world but he believes that people are the backbone of any corporation. “What could be more important than to learn about the management of the assets that actually do the business?”      

He moved to Canon Europe in London and working in Change Management then to Amsterdam where he headed the reorganisation of the European marketing structure of Canon Consumer Imaging, then to Austria where after an MBA he became Marketing Director for Canon Central East Europe (16 countries).

In 2008 he created his own company, ADMINE, a full service communication group that currently services blue chip companies from Greece, Germany and the UK, and has already launched pan-European campaigns. Today Admine is the biggest independent, multi awarded agency in South East Europe with offices in Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. 

He still believes that “Leeds University Business School gave me the opportunity to capitalise on the vast amount of knowledge I received and I was able to put it immediately into practice in Canon at a European level and of course directly diffuse the experience into my company.”

When asked to offer some advice for someone who wanted to pursue a career in Human Resource Management Tilemachos said, “Networking is essential and you need to stay up to date with current affairs and the business world."

"It is obvious the time I spent at Leeds has accelerated my career dramatically and the knowledge I got was absolutely relevant and the thinking cutting edge!"