Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo

Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo

Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo believes his experience at Leeds University Business School gave him “a bridge to success and a life changing experience.”

He first heard about Leeds University Business School at a UK University fair that took place in Mexico City. “I chose Leeds University Business School primarily because of Peter Buckley (The International Business guru) who is one of the lecturers and head of the International Business Programme.  The reputation of the course (ranked amongst the best in the world) and of the University was another reason. Lastly, but not less important, Jose Angel Gurria (Secretary General of the OECD) is an alumnus of this prestigious school.”

Alan had a BA in International Business and loved it, so choosing to do the MSc in International Business seemed like a good strategy. “The reputation and international atmosphere inspired me to join immediately.”

“Learning from the “guru” was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It was a dream come true to be in a classroom with people that not only develop and come up with the best theories and data, but to have access to ideas and data that no one else in the world has. I would also meet outstanding and wonderful people from all over the world (my classmates).”

The only problem Alan had at Leeds was the climate, “Mexico is a very warm country unlike England, and I struggled with the climate throughout the year. The Student Union helped me in all my issues, I strongly recommend the Student Union for ANY problem a student might have. The university is just astonishing, facilities are amazing, the staff were superb and the city is beautiful. The nightlife in Leeds was great (in fact I really miss it), and football games with my mates were unforgettable. But friends I made from my programme is what I miss the most.”

“Upon graduation, my whole family was able to attend. It was definitely one of the best moments of my life. One that I will never forget and my family really enjoyed it.”

“My career aspirations when I arrived at Leeds were to place myself in an international company with an excellent reputation (which I have now achieved). I also wanted experience, so that I could create my own company in the near future.

My career aspirations have now expanded because since earning my degree I am now convinced that I can do and achieve ANYTHING that I want in this life”.

“I got a job before graduation at a great company (Kellogg’s). Taking into account the current economic crisis, I was and still feel privileged. My current role is as a Foreign Trade Executive, at Kellogg’s Company Mexico.”

“The business school helped me learn that the economy is one big chain, and that an event in one part of the world can have several repercussions on other parts of the world in many different aspects of the economy.This has really helped me in my current role. I gained more confidence in all aspects from Leeds University Business School – my view of the world and especially of business changed dramatically.”

Alan’s advice to current students and alumni wishing to pursue a similar career is “Learn from the best, be open-minded, and spot the opportunities. Business vision is crucial for success.” Alan’s ambition for the future is to become a big entrepreneur.