Xenia Kolokonte

Xenia Kolokonte

What would you say was the highlight of your time at Leeds University Business School?

I am extremely proud of my Dissertation - “Shock Advertising: A Qualitative Approach Regarding the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals in Advertising Messages”, which was awarded a Distinction. This Dissertation was the closure of my Masters Degree at Leeds University Business School and represented a period of hard work and learning experience.

Xenia, what were your career aspirations when you arrived?

My career inspirations were to become a successful marketer in an International Company, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, etc. I was positively surprised that I got to work for such a big company right after I finished my studies at the Business School.

And what is it that you are currently doing?

I am currently working in Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company as a Junior Brand Manager. After graduation I started working here as an Assistant Brand Manager and after three years I have worked my way up to become Junior Brand Manager. 

Would you say that your career aspirations were expanded by studying here?

Definitely. I think that a Masters Degree in today’s competitive working environment is a must – but apart from that, the Business School also gave me a deeper understanding of not only marketing but also of working effectively as a team and making the best of my capabilities and strengths. This has helped me particularly now that I’m working in a very demanding working environment because I feel very confident to confront any challenge.

What was it in particular that you learned at the Business School that helped you in your current role?

I gained an unforgettable learning experience at the Business School, because I learnt to co-operate with people with totally different cultures and ways of thinking from mine. This gave me the opportunity to become more open minded and ready to take action even in difficult and challenging circumstances. By studying abroad you get to live on your own, become more responsible and deal with problems independently. 

What are your hopes for the future?

To become a successful marketer, to be able to work in many different sectors so as to gain a wider perspective on marketing and even to work abroad for a multinational company in order to gain the international experience.

Thinking back to your time in Leeds, what was your impression of the campus facilities and the city itself?

The facilities at the University of Leeds are amazing! The campus is endless and surrounded by green spaces, and the Student Union was always organising numerous events. Leeds is an amazing place to live in because it combines all the advantages of a big city (great market, wonderful nightlife) without the disadvantages of a chaotic city like London. It is also a student city, because most of the population is under 30! When you get there, try to explore the city as much as you can, because there are numerous “secret” places that are unbelievable (the river, area near Corn Exchange, etc.) to walk around and eat at.

What would be your most poignant memory of your time studying here?

The thing I will always remember from Leeds is the friendships I made and the amazing time we spent together. I’m still keeping contact with most of these people, even if they live abroad. I will also always remember graduation day; both my parents attended the event and it was a very emotional day because I saw my professors, my fellow students and the Business School after a long time.

Would you recommend the Business School to others?

It’s definitely one of the BEST places to study at! It combines a beautiful city (nightlife, market, surroundings, people etc.) with an amazing international learning experience. I DEFINITELY suggest it as a university choice and I guarantee you that you’ll have an unforgettable time there! I think the Business School rates very high against other universities because it combines some of the best professors in the UK along with amazing courses, facilities, the library, the staff, etc., and it also holds a very strong reputation in the work field.