Nont Armarttasn

Nont Armarttasn

Nont, why did you choose Leeds University Business School?

The first reason was the course as I knew it was the one I wanted to study. The University and the Business School both had great rankings as did the course I chose. Leeds itself was another reason; I wanted a place where I could focus on my study and still maintain a social life. With these combined, I knew Leeds was my destination.

Tell us more about your course – why did you choose it?

I heard from one of my respected colleagues that I should check out MA Advertising and Marketing if I wanted to work within this industry in the future. I also chatted with a couple of my University friends who graduated from this course back in 2006 and I did some investigating to check the course and the feedback online from difference sources. All of the great positive feedback helped me make my decision. I also liked the fact that my course fits with those who have no previous background in marketing as well as those who do have a background in the area. It’s was challenging for me in every aspect as I had no previous background in the area, but the consumer behaviour, PR and Corporate Communication aspects that I learnt really inspired me. 

Were your career aspirations expanded by studying here and has your career progressed since leaving the Business School?

Definitely. My aim was to become capable of managing brands; becoming a brand or advertising consultant. After finishing, I was offered a role with a prestigious brand consultancy firm in Bangkok, “Brandscape”, but eventually I accepted another offer from Unilever as Brand Support Manager for Cornetto ice-cream. It was actually beyond what I expected. I was so thrilled and excited to get the role for Unilever. The actual role is a “Brand Builder” whereby I am responsible for all marketing campaigns and looking after sales track. Everything that I learned during my course has been very relevant and useful in this job. In the future, I hope to become a brand consultant, maybe working for a multinational company abroad and inspiring newcomers to follow their dreams. I would also like to become a lecturer within these areas.

Would you recommend the Business School to others?

Yes! If you are looking to study somewhere where the academics are brilliant and the social aspect is really fun, Leeds University Business School is just the place for you. It was a genuinely excellent experience and I am thankful and grateful to Leeds.