Wei Zhong

Wei Zhong

How did you hear about the Business School and why did you choose to study here?

Leeds University Business School is one of the world's top business schools accredited for AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA - it is a dream school for me.

What is the best part of your studies? What are you enjoying the most?

We learn the skills not just in theory but also in practice. The course provides us with chances to visit companies and communicate with staff from top companies. It is helpful!

I chose to study in the UK to meet people from different cultures and improve my English. I am so lucky that at the Business School I am working with students from all over the word - I have benefited from this diversity.

What are your career aspirations? Do you think the experience and skills you will gain on your course will help you in your future career plans? In what way?

I would like to be a consultant in the future. So, yes, the course has helped me to build up the knowledge and skills that consultants need to have eg problem solving.

Do you have any noteworthy achievements from your study at the Business School that you can tell us about eg prizes, highest scores etc?

Yes, I am so glad that my first essay was graded at 70. I know it is a very high score in our subject and it is the first distinction for me.

During a networking event, I was offered a job in China, which was interviewed in London. I am also considering working in the UK.

What is your impression/experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the student union, the City of Leeds and the Yorkshire region?

The people are very kindly and helpful.

What would you say your defining memory of studying here was? (eg friendships made, confidence in your abilities, or any single event that you will always remember?)

I have made so many good friends and I am a lot more confident using English.

Would you recommend the Business School to others who are considering studying here?

Of course! You are welcome to be my alumnus! You would love the University of Leeds, the Business School and the city!