Serge Reh

Serge Reh

Tell us about your degree - why did you choose it? What elements of the degree inspired you to study it?  

I chose the MSc in International Business because I have a long history of interest in other countries and cultures. The course has a goal, which is to provide students with a deep understanding of the basic principles of business and economics from an international perspective. Also, it has been ranked one of the best programs in this field by the Financial Times. To me the MSc IB was a great opportunity to get myself prepared for a professional career in an increasingly globalized world.

 What was the best part of your studies here? What did you enjoy the most?  

By far the best part of my studies were the people who accompanied me during my time in Leeds. The diversity of cultural and academic backgrounds of my fellow students as well as professors, and the inspiring discussions and conversation I had with them are an indispensable experience.

What were you career aspirations when you arrived? Do you think the experience and skills you gained here will help/helped you in your future career plans? In what way?  

When I came to Leeds I had no specific job or industry in mind I wanted to work in. Therefore, especially the Professional Development program helped me to clarify my career aspirations and identify the necessary capabilities I needed to develop. Working for PwC for two years now, I can say that the Business School prepared me very well for the requirements of a highly competitive working environment.

How has your career progressed since leaving the Business School? Have there been any notable highlights?  

My career has progressed very well since l left the Business School two years ago. I decided to work for PwC which has been a great decision so far. I have recently been promoted to Senior Consultant. Looking back I can say that studying at Leeds is definitely one of the critical success factors for the positive achievements I have made so far.

Where are you currently working, and what is your role?  

I’m working at PwC as a Senior Consultant in the department of Business Development and Innovation. With a small team we have the responsibility to support and enable innovation within our firm and identify strategic growth areas critical for success of PwC in the future. I’m especially active in the field of digitization and Industry 4.0, which are both highly relevant topics for our clients in Germany as well as PwC itself.

What are your ambitions for the future?  

PwC has been a great employer and offers lots of opportunities to develop and climb up the career ladder internally. Therefore, I will further develop my network within the firm and keep my eyes open for new opportunities to take in the future.

Do you think your experience and skills gained here will help you in your future career plans? In what way?  

PwC gathers a highly professional and competitive workforce which I experience as a great opportunity to start your career. There are numerous situations to learn from your colleagues and share experiences and best practices, as well as build a reliable network for the future. Furthermore, PwC is an environment where you always have to take responsibility and be willing to leave your comfort zone and broaden your horizon.

If you are not from the UK, how was the transition to a foreign country? Did the university offer support or services that you found helpful? Can you offer any advice?  

My transition to the UK and Leeds went very well and I had little difficulties to adjust to the new environment. The University and especially the Union did a great job to care for the new students and provide uncountable opportunities to connect and engage with other students.
I especially enjoyed playing an active part in the Leeds University Hockey Team and representing the Business School as a School Representative.
The only ‘real problems’ I had were to make sure I was cycling on the right side of the street and finding ‘real German’ bread!!!
Because of the great support I experienced from the LUBS and all the good memories connected to my time there, I took over the coordination of the German Alumni network.
We have a LinkedIn Group where Alumni and prospective students get together and have the opportunity to connect. For the future we plan to build a stronger network, organise networking events in the major towns of Germany and bring some life into the community. Since I started the job, we have already had one meeting in Frankfurt which was a great start and a perfect evening to share memories of good old Leeds and get to know new people.


What was your impression/experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the student union, the City of Leeds and the region itself? What would you recommend to future students?  

I was quite impressed by the high standard of the facilities at the Business School. Having white boards and projectors in all seminar rooms, receiving iPads at the beginning of the course to try new and interactive ways of studying and having most of the lectures recorded to listen to them afterwards was a new experience to me.

What would you say is your defining memory of studying here? (eg friendships made, confidence in your abilities, or any single event that you will always remember?) And would you recommend the Business School to others

The most memorable memory during my time in Leeds were the International Dinners we organised regularly with friends and fellow students.
Everyone brought traditional food or drinks from his or her home country. We always ended up with huge amounts of amazing food to share, had interesting conversations and built friendships that I’m sure will last for many years.

I would definitely recommend the Business School to future students!