Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson

Too Good To Go UK is a hyper-local environmental social enterprise dedicated to reducing food waste. Founded by Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie, both graduates of the University of Leeds. They launched in July 2016 and have seen success after success, growing the business across the UK.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Chris had planned to join the Teach First scheme, however changed his plans last minute, embarking on an MSc in International Business in 2015 at Leeds Business School. Too Good To Go originated in Denmark in 2015, and Chris was able to use the skills developed on his course to network and help bring the business to the UK.

On his year at the Business School, “chaotic” was Chris’s description. One of his best memories was the time he spent with Professor John March, who taught ethics on the course. “John bled wisdom, I wanted to be like him” said Chris. Chris went on to write his dissertation under the supervision of Professor March on corporate and state accountability and responsibility for the exploitation of human rights in the build up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It was later published in the Journal of Business Ethics for Education.

His paper is available here.

Spark played a huge part in the development of Too Good to Go UK, Chris and Jamie were at a loss before they turned to Spark for help. With both financial support and advice given to the duo, they were able to house themselves in the Spark Incubator alongside various other start-up businesses, from bloggers to 3D Printing companies, to niche designers. Spark offers an innovative yet established network of similar minds under one roof.

The hardest thing about starting a new business was the initial stages, having to “surround yourself with people who can do what you can’t”, Chris was fortunate to have a partner who he could share and balance the workload with. Chris’s advice to others in a similar position is, to find a business partner who you trust and can bounce ideas off, he said, there will always be tough times but you can always rely on the advice of your partner.

The Too Good to Go app is now available in many major cities in the UK, offering restaurant standard surplus food at a discounted rate. Find out more here

Find out how Spark can help you here


Chris wanted to give a special mention to Dr Kevin Reilly, who sadly passed away during Chris’s time at the Business School. Although Chris only knew Dr Reilly for a short period of time, Chris said “He was probably the most inspiring person I’ve ever met.”