Lin Luo

Lin Luo

Hi! I'm Lin from the 2015/16 MA Human Resource Management programme and I’ve always wanted to work in Human Resources.

I have to say, the modules that make up this programme were an invaluable asset during the time I was out job hunting and are definitely necessary for those looking to lay the foundations in the field of HR.

I'm really glad to have had such a helpful personal development tutor, Marianne Savory, who helped me thoroughly prepare for quite a number of interviews. I benefited greatly from Marianne's guidance and attribute her assistance as one of the main reasons I was able to successfully receive an offer to join the international recruitment company Hays at their Shanghai office. 

I feel that Leeds University Business School has not only equipped me with the skills required to become successful in the field of HR, but through its unique style of teaching it has also helped me to understand myself much better than before. Previously I had no idea what style of learning suited me best, yet now I can confidently say I am a 'reflective learner', one who prefers to think back about previous learning experience and put the knowledge into next learning stage. The implications of such knowledge has led to a boost in efficiency in all areas of my life, both work and play!

I have really enjoyed my time in Leeds and will be sad to leave.