Edoardo David

Edoardo David

How did you hear about Leeds University Business School and why did you choose to study here? 
I heard about the Business School from two Italian friends of mine while we were in London to improve our English last year. One of them has started the MSc International Marketing Management course this year in the Business School. Among all of the other options, I chose to study here because the SI-UK agency, as well as my friends, talked very positively about Leeds University Business School and about Leeds (a city of students). The ranking as a Business School was in the top 10 in the UK, and my course is also ranked as one of the best in the UK.

Tell us about your course – why did you choose it? What elements of the course inspired you to study here? 
The good ranking, the fact that it is a specific course that we don’t have in Italy, small classes with fewer people, I liked the modules and how they were structured, Leeds as student city, and the fact that there are fewer Italians are here in Leeds so I can practice English properly (in London you speak Italian!).

What are the best things about your studies here – what are you enjoying the most?
My course has quite a small class size, which helps in forming better relationships with both lecturers and classmates. The lecturers are also entrepreneurs and they have practical experience in the field, meaning they can provide more useful advice and generate better engagement. I like group work and the discussions with other entrepreneurs who explain their projects and challenges to us. I’m also very excited about the Enterprise Project that we have to undertake with Stephen and Nigel (it's a practical project – in Italy there’s just a theoretical approach to the subject, which is why I’m so excited).

What are your career aspirations? Do you have any plans for when you finish your Masters? How do you think the experience and skills you are getting at the Business School will help you in your future career? 
My career aspiration is to improve and enlarge my family business. I’d like to make it international and through my course, I’m realising the importance of being open to new markets and new challenges. After completing my Masters I have two plans, but I still have to decide: 1st, to work for a big company in England or in Italy, learn as much as I can for a few years and apply that experience to my family business to improve it. 2nd, go directly to work in my family business. The course is stimulating my creativity and my capacity to create plans for the future. And my self-esteem and desire to create something good is definitely increasing.

If you are not from the UK, how was the transition to a foreign country? Did the University offer support or services that you found helpful? 
I’m from Italy and found the transition to the UK fine because I had already lived in London for 5 months. At the beginning of my time here in Leeds I made friends with my classmates very quickly. I found the first 2 weeks of induction really useful for forming social relationships.

What has been your experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the city of Leeds and the Yorkshire region?
The staff are friendly and always available, I like the fact that Leeds is a student city, I like the gothic style of the Business School and the postgraduate study centre on the top floor (it looks like you’re studying in a place of the 15th century). 

Would you recommend the Business School to others who are considering studying here?
I would definitely recommend coming to study here in Leeds University Business School. High-quality lecturers, high-quality study and a high-quality environment.