Emily Pike

Emily Pike

How did you hear about Leeds University Business School and why did you choose to study here? 

When choosing a postgraduate course, I came across Leeds University Business School through several university ranking websites for Business and Management Studies. The brochure and website helped me decide based on the School’s professional yet welcoming environment, and the links to the ‘real’ business world were clear. 

Although I chose to study here based primarily on the course itself, I had already visited the city of Leeds and had thoroughly enjoyed how vibrant and busy it was, without being a capital city. 

Tell us about your course... 

The MSc Management course allows students from diverse backgrounds to start a business related course at Masters level, to complement their previous studies. I particularly liked this aspect because all of my course mates bring external knowledge and a different approach to management, resulting in an enriching learning space. 

The course itself also covers a broad range of topics, covering the most vital elements of managerial life and academia. There is a broad theoretical background, which is complimented with links to the ‘real-life’ business world, and many practical case studies.

The Management in Practice module is particularly good, as it offers you the chance to interact in depth with the many international students on your course, to exchange information about various cultures, and learn from each other. I truly feel like the focus on employability is helping to build career-ready skills which I did not have on my undergraduate programme.

What is the best part of your studies? 

On the subject of employability, the Leaders in Residence programme allows you to interact with business leaders during co-curricular lectures and frequent networking events. This is a great place to ask questions, gain contacts and just practice your networking skills. Many of the lectures in this program focus on the difficulties in the workplace and how to improve on them or overcome them. 

What are your career aspirations? 

This course allowed me to move from a public sector based course towards the private sector, and I feel like I have acquired significant knowledge of the business world. However, although career plans are still a little vague, I am currently working on refining my job searches and looking for a role in project management or business development. 

Do you have any noteworthy achievements? 

During my studies, I am proud to be filling the position of Student Representative for the MSc Management programme. This role involves gathering feedback to try to improve the course for both us and future Management students, organising events which are aimed at bringing my fellow students together, interacting informally with staff and making sure the year is fun for everyone.

How was the transition to study in the UK? 

I’m originally British, however I had never lived in the UK until this year. I grew up in France and carried out my undergraduate studies in the Netherlands, so I was also relatively new to the area. The transition was pretty much seamless and in the end I did not use many of the services on offer.

The induction period is perfect for acclimatising to the new environment and finding your way around, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. 

One bit of advice I would give to anyone looking at living in private accommodation would be to use the Unipol website for house searching, as their code guarantees a certain standard for housing. You can also ask the union to check through any contracts with you before you sign. 

What is your experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers? 

The facilities in the Business School and more generally in the University are of a very high standard. The library, computer clusters, common rooms and café mean that staying on campus is very welcoming but also versatile and provides space for group work, silent study and relaxing.

Other than the course, I use The Edge University gym and its swimming pool, which is modern and I recommend it. The Union also provides plenty of activities and space. 

The teaching staff are very friendly, very stimulating, encourage interaction and questions, and are always open to discussion. Many also enjoy coming out for social events in the evening. A useful addition to the course is the personal tutor, who is dependable and there to help out. 

Are there any experiences outside of your studies that you have particularly enjoyed? 

I enjoy the outdoors and the area surrounding Leeds is perfect for hiking, very picturesque, and mostly warm enough. The Dales are not far and definitely worth a trip! Leeds is also well known for its nightlife, and there is always something going on for everyone.