Irungu Gachau

Irungu Gachau

Why did you choose Leeds University Business School?

I heard about the University of Leeds from an uncle. My decision was however greatly influenced by the diversity of the course. Plus, it did help that Ngugi wa Thiong'o is an alumnus.

How had you heard about Leeds University Business School?

It was at an education fair held by Uniserv here in Kenya that I got to meet and interact with representatives from the university and I got to learn about LUBS. The website was also really helpful and Michael Thomas (Postgraduate Conversion Manager) was always willing to help.

What was the best part of your studies here?

The seminar sessions were a breath of fresh air. It was the first time I had experienced that kind of teaching and it made putting everything into perspective much easier. 

Were your career aspirations expanded by studying here?

Yes, the coming together of the Business School and School of Mathematics meant increased exposure to a variety of career defining moments. The advice from lecturers and the skills passed on to me gave me the courage to look into different career paths.

How has your career progressed since leaving the Business School?

Since leaving Leeds, I have worked as an Assistant Underwriter at First Assurance (Kenya) before my big move to Britam (Kenya) as an Actuarial Assistant.

How was the transition from Kenya to studying in the UK?

The transition was smooth and pleasant. Most university staff and volunteers were willing to help. The information provided beforehand also made the transition bearable. The best advice I can offer in regards to the transition is for one to always seek assistance as there is always someone willing to help. 

What was your experience like as a student at Leeds?

I enjoyed studying in the Brotherton, Edward Boyle and Health Science library. The business school study room was a beautiful place and I spent several late nights there trying to make sense of lecture handouts and my dissertation.

The campus accommodation was beyond what I expected, I got to visit friends in different accommodation and none disappointed me. It was a great place to form friendships. The Edge, the best gym I ever set foot in! The sentinel towers warden also made part of my memories, ever smiling and always armed with a joke or two.

Dr Iain Clacher's enthusiasm and wit made him a great course director and an even better source of advice. The whole staff were amazing. They made my stay in Leeds memorable.

Leeds and the whole Yorkshire region was quite an experience.

Do you have any other noteworthy memories of your time at the Business School?

The Leeds East African Society revealed to me how many people from my region were in Leeds and where to find solace in times of home sickness and other national (Kenyan) holidays and events e.g. the Olympics when Mo Farrah destroyed our Kenyan runners!

The nightlife in Leeds was breathtaking; the variety of clubs catering for all tastes of music, laid back pubs to watch football games, cinemas and malls to kill time in and do some shopping.

What would you say is your defining memory of studying here?

The first day of induction. It was then that it finally hit me that my dream of a top notch education had finally come true. I also got to make lifelong friends who have contributed to the person I am today. Also, being able to write a dissertation was quite a memorable feat.

Graduation day: did this live up to your expectations?

The day surpassed all my expectations. It was beyond spectacular. My family was unable to attend but the live stream came in handy. I had a friend attend and it was a very memorable day.