Liz Goddard (MSc Enterprise 2018)

Liz Goddard

'I love how the course is delivered, combining academic theory with practice. It is somehow liberating and on the whole, it feels like it primes you, energises you, to go out and start your own business.

Even though I already have experience of some of the theory taught in class, I have learnt a lot. I am clearer somehow and have realised the importance of a lot of things, for example, business networking, which I now realise, is vital. I really enjoy working with such a diverse group of students who have different backgrounds, cultures, and reasons for taking the course, and I have been introduced to some amazing University Enterprise Ambassadors; some truly inspiring people.

Undoubtedly, the connections I now enjoy, the decision to set up my own business and to attend the University has meant that I now get offers of work I wouldn’t previously have got. I definitely feel that doing my MSc at the University of Leeds has further enriched my life and business credibility.

I would recommend this course to people in my position, and to those who want to start a business. For me, the programme has been more about mind-set. It has helped me to understand my own ability and to build confidence - I believe that’s a key to success.'

Liz studies part time which enables her to work as a freelance business consultant and manage her family commitments. She is working on some entrepreneurial ideas and knows what she wants to develop when she finishes the programme. She is also considering further study.