Yimin Wang (MSc International Business 2013)

Yimin Wang

Why did you choose to study the MSc International Business programme?

My undergraduate degree was in International Trade and Economics and I thought an MSc International Business would complement what I previously learnt. What's more, the MSC International Business at the University of Leeds is highly valued.

What are your impressions of the course so far?

Intensive, challenging and very interesting. The course is teaching me how to analyse, work in multicultural teams and coordinate tasks with other group members.

Is there anything you feel is unique about this programme?

The integration of iPads in the programme is very  unique. I use my iPad every day to prepare for lectures, review cases and create presentations. All my work is stored on the iPad and there is no need for paper handouts. The support from the School is really amazing!

As a Chinese student, studying abroad, how easy/difficult was it to adapt to a new learning environment?

I didn’t experience any difficulties in Leeds because every module leader is very supportive. If you don't understand something you feel comfortable being able to approach someone for help.  

What has been your most memorable cultural experience so far?

British people are really polite and well mannered. The cultural experience has definitely been very positive for me.

Will you have time to travel at any time during the programme?

Of course! I have plenty of time to travel during the the holiday periods. I can just buy a ticket at the train station and go anywhere I want, at a reasonable price. During the Easter break I plan to travel around Europe. With one Schengen Visa, I have the access to up to 26 countries. How wonderful!!

What advice would you give to future Chinese students who are thinking about studying this degree?

I can say that the University of Leeds is in a very good location; it only takes me 10 minutes to walk to the city centre and 20 minutes to the train station. The programme is highly ranked in the UK and provides a really international study environment. So come and enjoy!!