Sanjukta Chatterjee (MBA 2010)

Sanjukta Chatterjee

Sanjukta gained her Leeds MBA 2010. Born in India, Sanjukta came to the Business School because of its reputation, location, and for the multicultural environment. Since graduating from the Leeds MBA programme, she has been involved with Change and Project Management at the Prudential Group and now works as a Regulatory Change Consultant at M&G Investments.

What has your Leeds MBA led you to?

After completing my MBA at Leeds, I was selected for the Momentum Leadership Programme for Prudential Assurance. This is a leadership programme in which candidates are selected from across the world and is designed to create leaders of the future. It provides work experience across the Prudential Group over a number of years. My first role was with the Group Head Office in London where I worked with the Finance team in a Change and Project Management role.

I am currently working as a Change Management Consultant within an top UK investment management firm. I focus my attention on regulatory change and help the organisation implement the change in the most efficient way.

How do you think your MBA has helped you achieve this?

The MBA has helped me to a great extent in getting into the programme. I came to know about the Momentum programme through the careers team at the business school and received support during my preparation for the job. I think the overall view of business which I have developed during my MBA will help me understand the intricacies of business much better and consequently help me in furthering my career.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to continue working in roles which allow me to work interactively with different teams. My MBA has given me confidence continue to develop my career and play to my strengths. Therefore, I hope the future holds senior roles within the organisation and lead bigger teams.

How will your MBA help you achieve these aims?

I definitely think that my skills and experience gained during the Leeds MBA will help me in a number of ways with my future career plans. Firstly, I can now tie theory with practice and implement it in any task I put my mind to in the future. Secondly, I am a part of an invaluable network of colleagues and peers around the world. Last but not the least I have a world recognised degree from a reputed university which is known across the industry and adds value to my profile.

Do you have any advice for current MBA students?

My advice to current students on the MBA will be to make the most of your year of study. For a course like an MBA where people join with several years of work experience in a wide range of fields there are so many opportunities. There is a right time when you should start applying for jobs and you should always be looking at what the market demands and prepare accordingly. Use the resources available at the Business School for your preparation and don’t hesitate to ask for help.