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Sherin Sara Alex

Why did you decide to study for an MBA? 
I decided to pursue an MBA to advance my career and open up opportunities for leadership roles in my field. I felt that gaining a deeper understanding of business concepts and management strategies would be crucial for achieving this goal. I saw the MBA as a way to develop a more comprehensive skill set. The programme's curriculum covers various areas such as finance, marketing, operations, and strategy, which I believe would be valuable not only in my current role but also in future endeavours. Networking was another significant factor. I recognized that MBA programmes provide an excellent platform for building a professional network. Interacting with peers, professors, and industry experts could potentially lead to valuable connections and collaborations. 

What were your reasons for choosing Leeds University Business School? 
My decision to pursue an MBA at Leeds University Business School was motivated by several compelling factors. The school's strong reputation both nationally and internationally, evident in consistently high rankings and prestigious accreditations from AMBA, assured me of the quality education it offers. The appeal of a diverse and inclusive environment, fostering collaboration with students from various cultural backgrounds, was crucial for gaining a rich and global perspective on business challenges. The extensive alumni network suggested ongoing professional opportunities, aligned with my long-term career goals. The well-rounded MBA programme, combining core business courses, resonated with my career objectives. Lastly, the vibrant business community in Leeds promised ample networking, internship, and job placement opportunities, enhancing the overall educational experience. 

What is the best part of your studies? What are you enjoying the most? 
The most fulfilling aspect of my academic journey has been the opportunity to immerse myself in subjects that genuinely captivate my interest. The joy of continuous learning and the sense of discovery are the highlights, with each day presenting new insights and opportunities to apply acquired concepts to real-world challenges. Collaborating with like-minded peers in discussions, group projects, and brainstorming sessions has not only been intellectually stimulating but has also broadened my perspective. Lastly, the invaluable support and guidance from professors has enriched my studies and inspired me to push the boundaries of my understanding. In essence, the sheer joy of learning and the excitement of exploring the frontiers of knowledge in my chosen field define the best part of my academic experience.        

Have you taken part in any additional activities?
My university journey has been enhanced by active participation in a diverse range of extracurricular activities. Engaging in social events provided a balance, fostering connections and lifelong friendships. Leadership development and passion alignment were achieved through active involvement in student-led clubs, particularly Women in Leadership, where I served in a leadership role. Attendance at networking events and industry conferences expanded my professional network, proving valuable for career prospects. Additionally, involvement in research projects like Map the System, in which my group were semi-finalists, sharpened my analytical and research skills. In essence, these extracurricular activities have not only enriched my personal and professional growth but have also created enduring memories and connections. 
Did you have any other noteworthy experiences/highlights during your time at Leeds? 
My time at Leeds University Business School has been a transformative journey marked by academic achievements, research contributions, a global perspective, and professional development. Beyond the academic realm, community involvement, cultural exploration, and meaningful friendships have added depth to my university experience. The institution's commitment to diversity and inclusion has broadened my horizons, fostering adaptability and a nuanced understanding of our interconnected world. The recognition received for academic accomplishments served as a testament to my dedication. The enduring friendships forged during this journey have extended beyond graduation, creating a supportive network. Most significantly, personal growth through overcoming challenges has equipped me with resilience and a deeper self-understanding. Leeds University Business School has provided a comprehensive and enriching foundation for the next chapter of my life, blending academic success with personal development and lasting connections. 

What have you learnt/experienced at the Business School that will help you in future career roles? 
My time at the Business School has been instrumental in equipping me with a wealth of knowledge and valuable experiences poised to significantly benefit my future career: enhanced strategic thinking developed through coursework and case studies, the development of robust leadership skills through group projects and organisational roles, and improved communication abilities crucial for workplace collaboration. I’ve become proficient in problem-solving methodologies, have gained a global perspective on business, expanded my professional network, heightened my adaptability to evolving business landscapes, and valued a strong emphasis on ethical considerations and corporate social responsibility. Collectively, these experiences and skills form a solid foundation for success in my future career endeavours. 

Have you used the services of the Professional Development Tutor/ Executive Careers Consultant? If yes, how would you describe your experience?
I had the privilege of utilising the services of the Professional Development Tutor and Executive Careers Consultant during my university tenure. The key aspects of my interaction included: personalised guidance tailored to my career goals, assistance in creating a comprehensive career plan, invaluable feedback on resume and cover letters, mock interview sessions for skills improvement, guidance on effective networking strategies, support in the job search process, access to industry insights, and a significant boost in confidence throughout the job search journey. Overall, the support provided was instrumental in clarifying my career goals, refining my job search strategies, and securing a position aligned with my aspirations. The immeasurable value added to my career development journey is something I'm immensely grateful for. 

What would you say is your defining memory of studying here?
The defining memory of my time at Leeds University Business School revolves around the remarkable friendships I forged. These connections with students from diverse backgrounds transcended the classroom, offering unwavering support through academic challenges and personal growth. Celebrating successes together and navigating the stresses of university life created bonds that extended beyond graduation. Witnessing the shared growth of my friends has been inspiring, emphasizing the enduring impact of these lifelong connections and encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration that defines the MBA experience. 
What is your impression/experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the City of Leeds, and the region itself? My experience at Leeds University Business School has been exceptionally positive, encompassing the state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, diverse and talented peers, and the vibrant city and surrounding region. The university's resources facilitated academic excellence, with knowledgeable and approachable faculty providing invaluable guidance. Interacting with a diverse student body enriched my learning environment, while the vibrant city of Leeds and the picturesque Yorkshire region added cultural and recreational dimensions to my overall university experience. Collectively, these factors have contributed to a well-rounded and cherished university journey.

Overall, how would you describe your Leeds MBA experience? 
My Leeds MBA experience has been transformative, marked by academic excellence, a diverse community, extensive networking opportunities, international exposure, personal development, outstanding career support, collaborative projects, engaging research opportunities, cultural experiences, and enduring friendships. This comprehensive journey has not only enriched my education but has also equipped me with the skills and connections for a successful and fulfilling career.