ECON - Jess Arkesden Dissertation - The effects of weather on wheat yields in Victoria, Australia: an empirical study

ECON - James Barrie - The impact of quantitative easing on financial markets in the United Kingdom

ECON - Lele Ding - The Impact of the ‘One-Child Policy’ on China’s Aggregate Household Savings

ECON - Samson Hart - How Has Inequality Been a Cause of Violence in Post-dictatorship Brazil?

ECON - Kasia Lipka - Is a trade-off between justice and efficiency inevitable? A comparative study of European welfare states between 2001 and 2013.

ECON - Jake Lush McCrum - Prison Labour: Should the UK follow the US’s example?

ECON - Timothy Sapsford - How are rating agencies perceived following the US financial crisis? What were their main shortfalls? Insights from academics and professionals

ECON - George Vernon - An econometric study into the impact of the current account on house price growth in the United States

ECON - Kate Wales - The Effect of the UK’s Smoke Free Law on Smoking Prevalence, Tobacco Related Hospital Admissions and NHS Expenditure – A Discussion Seven Years following the Public Smoking Ban

ECON - George Wibberley - The Impacts of Immigration on Wages and Unemployment in England: An Empirical Investigation

ECON - Qianru Xiang - The Impacts of Digital Currency on China's Monetary System

ECON - James Carrick - Parental leave in the UK – an investigation from a company perspective

ECON - Edward Cave - The implications of population ageing for the stock market in the United Kingdom

ECON - Lara Ferguson - How has the European Central Bank’s Targeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations (TLTROs) affected lending to households and non-financial corporations in Italy?

ECON - Vivian Karanja - To what extent do investment barriers influence FDI flow into China?

ECON - Olivia Kiernan - What motivates altruistic behaviour? How could policymakers incentivise future blood donation rates in the UK?

ECON - Georgina O'Sullivan - Are Worker Cooperatives in the UK Liable to the Issue of Adolescence?

ECON - Guy Edward James Poxon - The Nature of The UK’s Endogenous Money System, and Basel III’s Impact on Post-Crisis Lending

ECON - David Sadler - Does unemployment lead to hazardous drinking? An empirical study

ECON - Eleanor Travers - The Effect of Childcare Costs on Maternal Labour Force Participation in the United Kingdom

ECON - Joseph Wild - The Impact of School Quality on Property Prices

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