Dr Jyoti Mishra

Dr Jyoti Mishra


Jyoti Mishra joined Leeds University Business School as an Associate Professor in 2019. Prior to that, she worked at Bradford University as a lecturer in Sustainable Operations Management and was also a Director of Work Placement and Internships. At Bradford, Jyoti was involved in the delivery of the World's first MBA in Circular Economy launched in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Jyoti is a World Social Science Fellow in Disaster Risk Reduction since 2011. She is an Associate Editor for the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) and acts as a peer reviewer for many leading international journals.

Jyoti comes from an Electronics Engineering background and has done her MSc in Mobile Computing with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence. Before coming to the UK in 2005, Jyoti taught Electronics and Computer Engineering students and held roles such as Deputy Chief of the Research & Consultancy Division; Deputy Head of the Electronics & Computer Engineering Department. Additionally, she holds a PhD in Management from the University of Leeds.

Jyoti has successfully supervised 3 PhDs (Risk and Resilience in Food Supply Chain; Innovation in Supply Chain; IoT and AI for Circular Business Models), and more than 50 MBA, MSc, and UG dissertations to completion. She is currently supervising three PhD students on topics such as Inter-Organisational Collaboration; Smart Cities, and Innovative Policing Models. Potential doctoral students with research interests in information management, circular economy, and technology use in organisations, emergency/disaster management, and supply chains can contact her to discuss their research topics. Jyoti is an external examiner at the University of Sheffield, and the University of Hull, and in the past, she has been an EE for the University of Bolton. Jyoti has acted as an external examiner internationally.


  • Deputy Director of AIMTech Research Centre
  • LUBS Sustainability Champion
  • Lead IT Sustainability, LUBS

Research interests

Jyoti's current research interest is in understanding technology use in organisations. She is investigating the role of disruptive technologies in creating value for organisations. Some of the questions she is addressing are about- how can we use digital technologies to enable circular business models in organisations; how can we capture value from making linear systems to circular systems. 


Jyoti is working (or has worked) on several projects, worth more than £800K, in the area of Digital Technology, Circular Economy, and Supply Chain Research: 

  1. Application of AI for demand planning, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Johnson & Johnson, £227K, 2023/25 (Supervisor)
  2. Digital Transformation: Fostering Digital First Culture, KTP with LBBC, £232K, 2023/26 (Supervisor)
  3. Adopting a Circular Economy Business Model for Resource Efficiency in the ICT industry (ACE4ICT), £182K, 2023/25 (advisor)
  4. Blockchain-enabled Cloud Computing based integrated Carbon Calculator (Be4C), £25K, funded by STFC 2022/23 (Co-I)
  5. Assessing Infodemic in the Post COVID-19 Risk Communication and Governance, Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development, $20K, 2023/24 (Co-I)
  6. UKRI AKT “Digital transformation to improve productivity” with LBBC, £34k, 2022/23 (Co-I)
  7. KnoWaste, Smart Waste Tracking System, Innovate UK, £80K, 2018/19 (Co-I)
  8. CCIP (Collaboration, Capacity & IP development) Grant, University of Bradford, 2016, £10K (PI)
  9. Sustainable food supply chain in developing countries: Current practices and future opportunities for poverty alleviation, University of Bradford, 2017, £7.5K (PI)

In the past, Jyoti has worked as Research Fellow on EU FP7-funded projects such as ImREAL (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/95595/factsheet/en ), and ACROPOLIS (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/95593/factsheet/es ).



  • PhD in Management (University of Leeds, UK), 2012
  • MSc by Research (University of Bradford, UK), 2006
  • BSc in Engineering (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), 2002
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (University of Bradford, UK), 2015

Professional memberships

  • Member of Association of Information Systems
  • European Operations Management Associations (EurOMA)

Student education

Jyoti has been very innovative in her teaching & learning approach. She believes in student-led pedagogy and hence uses problem-based learning and action learning sets in her learning and teaching. She has designed many UG and PG modules and co-led the development of MSc in Supply Chain & Analytics program at the School of Management, University of Bradford. She has launched several initiatives for UG at UoB such as Sustainable Development Challenge and Industry Challenge within the Dissertation module. At Leeds, she has developed course units in digital business and information management challenges at the PG level. 

Jyoti is currently involved in learning and teaching for UG, PG, and MBA programs. She is a module leader for UG 2nd year module on Managing in Digital Workplace and in the MSc module on Digital Information and Organisation. She teaches the MBA in Global Operations and Information Management. Her teaching is appreciated by students. Feedbacks on her teaching style are:

“This is the module that developed my critical thinking the most, more because of the teacher’s learning style”

“Some of the topics were quite engaging, such as the circular economy and social media topics. The use of Padlet during the workshops was a really good method of learning. The workshops were quite interactive which really helpful overall was”

“Teaching [is] of a very high standard- lecturers very well informed and gave you a really rounded view of the topic”


Research groups and institutes

  • Adaptation Information Management and Technology
  • Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research

Current postgraduate researchers