Mustafa Kamel Mohammadi

Mustafa Kamel Mohammadi


Mustafa is a postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds Business School, Management Department, since October 2022. He earned his master’s degree in information management at AIT (Asian University of Technology), Thailand in 2019. His MSc. degree thesis is titled “Factors Influencing the Adoption of E-Government Websites from a Citizen's Perspective”, which was warmly welcomed by academics in his field, the content and results of which were published in an international journal. From his graduation until 2022, he was working as a lecturer, teaching undergraduate courses in the computer science department of BU university (Afghanistan), which included courses in programming languages, web design, web development, and database systems. Although he has been involved in technical aspects covering design and development, at some point he felt that he could fit more in the research area rather than the technical area. Therefore, he decided to start doing research and formed his research expertise in the adoption of technology, digitalization, and information system. The proper justification for his shift to the research area was that he felt there are a minority amount of resources focusing on the research aspect of development and design compared to the technicality. Since then, he tried to gain knowledge and skills in research, research methodologies, data analysis, quantitative research, qualitative research, and research design.

Research interests

My research interests are generally expressed as information technology adoption, digitalization, and information systems. However, it is not limited to these broad terms. I am enthusiastic to conduct research in areas to explore the challenges and opportunities relevant to the use and application of digital technologies, emerging digital technologies, and information systems for social change. These include but are not limited to e-learning and e-government, accessibility and usability of information systems, and studying the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain for social reforms. Since the start of my research career, I have published articles in international journals (Scopus and WOS indexed). The followings are the published articles:


Mohammadi, M.K. 2022. Factors influencing the adoption of e‚Äźgovernment websites in Afghanistan from the citizens’ perspective. THE ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.

Mohammadi, M.K., Esichaikul, V. and Mohammadi, A. 2022. Accessibility and usability evaluation of university websites in Afghanistan: a comparison between public and private universities. Universal Access in the Information Society. (0123456789).

Mohammadi, M.K., Mohibbi, A.A. and Hedayati, M.H. 2021. Investigating the challenges and factors influencing the use of the learning management system during the Covid-19 pandemic in Afghanistan. Education and Information Technologies.




  • Postgraduate, Ph.D. information managment
  • MSc. information management
  • BSc. Management of information systems

Research groups and institutes

  • Adaptation Information Management and Technology
  • Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research