Mustafa Kamel Mohammadi

Mustafa Kamel Mohammadi


Mustafa has been a postgraduate researcher at the University of Leeds Business School, Management Department, since October 2022. He earned his master’s degree in information management from AIT (Asian Institute of Technology), Thailand in 2019. His M.Sc. degree thesis is titled “Factors Influencing the Adoption of E-Government Websites from a Citizen's Perspective” in which he investigated the impact of various sociotechnical factors on the adoption of e-government websites, which was published in an international journal.

He has also worked as a lecturer, teaching courses related to computer programming, UI/UX design, web development, and database systems for undergraduate students at Bamyan University, Afghanistan. Despite his expertise and knowledge in technical areas related to computer science, he also showed interest in advancing his research career, undermining the sociotechnical aspects of various technologies. Hence, in line with the above interests and professional background, he is now pursuing his Ph.D. research studies in the Management department, Leeds University Business School. His doctoral research focuses on information management activities within the humanitarian supply chain.

Research interests

His research interest is broadly defined as information systems, where he is particularly interested in topics around information technology adoption, digitalization, digital transformation, and information studies. As part of which, he is keen to look into various information technologies along with their social and organizational context. Since the start of his research career, he has published articles in international journals discussing the various topics such as e-learning during COVID-19, accessibility evaluation, and e-government. The following is a list of his published research.


Mohammadi, M. K. (2022). Factors influencing the adoption of e-government websites in Afghanistan from the citizens' perspective. The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 88(5), e12216.

Mohammadi, M.K., Esichaikul, V. & Mohammadi, A. Accessibility and usability evaluation of university websites in Afghanistan: a comparison between public and private universities. Univ Access Inf Soc (2022).

Mohammadi, M.K., Mohibbi, A.A. & Hedayati, M.H. Investigating the challenges and factors influencing the use of the learning management system during the Covid-19 pandemic in Afghanistan. Educ Inf Technol 26, 5165–5198 (2021).


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  • Ph.D. student and researcher in information management, University of Leeds
  • MSc. information management, Asian Institute of Technology
  • BSc. Management of information systems, Herat University

Research groups and institutes

  • Adaptation Information Management and Technology
  • Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research