Dalan Zhang (MSc Banking and International Finance 2010)

Dalan Zhang

Dalan, originally from China, studied MSc Banking and Finance at Leeds University Business School, graduating in 2011. She now works in Human Resources, and appreciates that her time in Leeds boosted her confidence and gave her more career options in areas such as HR, financial analysis, translation, teaching, and administration.

What was it about the course that attracted you to Leeds University Business School?

Leeds University Business School was my first choice because of the strong connection between the Business School and the industry brings many opportunities. I chose Leeds University Business School for a good career path and a reality-based teaching.

I heard about the Business School from the positive comments online and the stable rankings each year for the Finance programme. I chose Banking and Finance because the course offered me a wide range of modules relating to business, accounting, investment, etc. so that I could keep my options open when I graduated. In short, I chose Leeds for a better career, as Leeds is popular among employers because of its reputation of practical knowledge. Also, the careers center in the Business School links enterprises and students together through professional events such as lectures and career fairs.

One of my favourite memories is preparing a group presentation - I had the chance to work with people from all over the world, and it was exciting trying to express our own thoughts in a comprehensive way to solve or explain a problem - rather than simply copying from textbooks.

What affect did studying at Leeds University Business School have on your career aspirations? Did your course give you other ideas?

Certainly. I'm more confident than I was before I came to Leeds and now I have a wide choice of options in my career such as HR, financial analysis, translation, teaching, and administration positions.

I have worked as a quality assurance contract analyst for Groupon (Gaopeng).  This involved me calling the merchants on behalf of our clients to ask the details and prices of their products, comparing the prices submitted, searching comments and reputations from consumers, and compiling all of this information into a report. The analytical skills I learnt at Leeds University Business School helped me compile these comparison reports, which are of great use to the consumer.

In your opinion, how would you rate the Business School against other universities?

Leeds University Business School offers benefits to everyone, including strong links to the industries, which provides good contacts for future careers. Leeds also embarks in practical and meaningful research, thanks to the many excellent professors there who have enhanced the teaching and research. If I were to study for a second time, I would still choose Leeds, and I would definitely recommend the Business School to others. 

Do you have any overall comments to summarise your time in Leeds?

Overall, my impression of Leeds University Business School was positive for everything and everyone. The people were all and friendly, and I learned a lot from the people who I learned and lived with. Also, during my time at Leeds, I acquired confidence from overcoming all kinds of difficulties and the capacity to stay calm in the face of both positive and negative events.