Dana Fletcher

Dana Fletcher

My experience at Leeds University Business School has exceeded my expectations. 

Studying at Leeds has given me the privilege of an intellectually-engaging academic programme, a multi-national student cohort, and a Professional Development Tutor with an obvious commitment to helping me identify and pursue my professional prospects upon graduation.

One of the most notable qualities of the Business School is the genuine academic, personal and professional support extended towards students. There is a level of engagement that makes the learning experience that much more interesting and enjoyable.

As an international student - and a young professional with ambitions to reach the higher strategic level of a multi-national corporation - I viewed my choice of postgraduate programme as an incredibly significant investment; one that would be the launch pad for my career. 

My experiences in the Business School, and within the wider University, have enhanced my professional strengths. I have increased confidence in my ability to convey ideas to large groups, critically analyse academic material, effectively communicate with diverse teams and spearhead projects.