Matthew Ward outside his workplace

Matthew Ward

Why did you decide to study for an MBA?

I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2003 and haven’t had any formal education or training since. The course was an opportunity to challenge myself and expand my frame of reference to bring a new dimension to my commercial knowledge.

Having been involved in a start-up straight from University, I’d not made it a priority to reflect on the journey or whether there were alternative ways of operating that should be considered. The MBA programme is a way for me to re-engage with my career at a base level to reassess, prioritise and grow professionally.

Briefly describe your role and organisation prior to studying the MBA?

I am currently Director, primarily involved in sales but involved in all areas of the business.

What is the best part of your studies and what are you enjoying the most?

The course is extremely comprehensive, but the pace and volume of learning is well-managed to allow plenty of time for engagement with the other students. Some of the best moments have occurred in between formal sessions where discussion takes place.

Outside of your professional environment it is amazing how inspirational and challenging your interactions can be without fear of making errors!

The format of the course and learning environment is more accustomed to what is familiar in the commercial sector, rather than education. The sessions are built around a two-way dialogue with students able to add personal experience to add context to the learning.

What would you say will be your defining memory of the MBA?

From the start it is impressed upon you how you are in control of the MBA experiences, you certainly get out what you put in. My overall work capacity has improved, and I’ve enjoyed being out of my traditional comfort zone.

No single event outshines another, as upon reflection all have been instrumental in contributing to the experience. I am certainly more aware and critical of my thinking than ever before, to challenge and produce more measured decisions.

How do you think your MBA experience will impact your career?

The MBA experience has rekindled my passion for learning and self-improvement. Making time for personal development is essential and the MBA allows you to really get a true sense of how you want to conduct yourself professionally and how that can be make a positive impact to your organisation. 

What is your experience of the facilities, the staff and your MBA peers?

I’ve been impressed with all elements of the MBA – from initial orientation and on-boarding to the access to staff when needed. Course leaders are responsive and helpful with the assessments and every effort is made to support students’ professional commitments if conflicts arise. You really do get a sense of a collaborative environment for learning and support from staff and fellow students.