Susanna Hartmans

Susanna Hartmans

Why did you choose Leeds University Business School?

Leeds University Business School is internationally renowned for the quality of its teaching and provides excellent studies facilities, staff and support resources that enabled me to develop my academic potential and employability. LUBS was also ranked high and offered the course that I was interested in; MSc International Marketing Management.

After my BSc in International Tourism Management, I knew I wanted to do a Masters in Marketing. Modules such as Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour allowed me to make an easy decision as this was something I was and still am interested in.

What did you enjoy the most studying here?

I enjoyed the guest lectures as well as the seminars. Discussing a case study amongst a group of other nationalities and working together with them was also a good experience as it gave me more cultural and global insight. I also enjoyed the live consultancy projects that Leeds University Business School offered as part of the MSc International Marketing Management course, as well as the continuous support from professors and teaching fellows.

What were your best achievements during your course?

During my studies I obtained a certificate in Direct & Digital marketing. Again this was something that the Business School provided to MSc International Marketing Management and MA Advertising and Marketing students.

Besides that, I received the highest mark for the Marketing Research report and was appointed project leader for both live consultancies. One of these was a multidisciplinary project for a company called ItalyAbroad and as a group we received the "Best Report for the Multidisciplinary project" award.

What were your career aspirations when you arrived?

I always knew I wanted to work in digital marketing. This became even more clear after I had completed the Digital Marketing module, where marketing techniques such as SEO and PPC were discussed. I then actively pursued a career in SEO & am now working for ABCD Agency. 

Tell us about your current role…

After I graduated, I started applying for SEO roles. I gained my first five years of SEO experience by having worked for two online marketing agencies based in Leeds as well as Berlin. Both specialise in SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Online Web Analytics, Mobile Advertising and Social Media Advertising. I then made the shift to going in-house and worked for Omio (formally known as GoEuro) as Global Content Marketing Team Lead. My role broadly includes increasing our online visibility through content campaigns and on-site improvements.

Now, I am working as Head of Marketing for ABCD Agency, based in Berlin. ABCD agency is a content marketing agency, focused on developing digital strategies with the aim of increasing our clients' online visibility. What is really great, is that we have an international team, which enable us to offer our clients tailored services and help scale content marketing campaigns across the globe. 

What did you learn at the Business School that has helped you in your current role?

I learned and improved a lot of skills, to name a few, such as organisation and time management skills, presenting skills, analytic skills and research skills. Overall, it was also insightful and great to hear from industry leaders who guest lectured and putting general marketing theories into practise.

Do you have any advice for current students or alumni wishing to pursue a similar career to yours?
If you really want to pursue a career in SEO, make sure you research the SEO industry! There is so much information out there that you can read to already learn about SEO. By increasing your knowledge, you'll make a very good impression on future employers. Also, attend university affairs or any other job support that's out there! Many recruiters attend these as well so network and ask for business cards.

When you do find a job that you would like to apply for, always write a covering letter and tailor your CV to the job. Think about your strengths and how these are transferrable to a wide variety of roles.

How do you think Leeds University Business School rates against other universities?

Leeds University Business School has been ranked very good compared to other universities, i.e. 41st in the world for our Executive MBA in The Economist rankings, 2013.

What was your impression of campus and Leeds as a city?

I really like the Leeds University Business School building. It's very old but has a lot of modern touches. The staff are great! I am still friends with a lot of students and also professors. The best thing was that you could always go speak to any professor, they were very approachable and friendly, regardless of how busy they were.

Were there any other positive aspects of your time at the Business School that are noteworthy?

Not so long ago, I was invited by Dr Catarina Presi to do two guest lectures for the Msc International Marketing students of 2013 together with the CEO of Search Laboratory, Mr Ian Harris. It was great to be able to go back to the Western Lecture Theatre hall and to talk about Search Marketing and my job search experience in particular. I hope the students also enjoyed it and found it useful.

What are your memories of Graduation day?

Graduation was great! My family from the Netherlands and Germany were able to attend as well. It was a fun experience to wear the gowns as well, as this is something we don't do in The Netherlands.