Dr Helen Hughes comments on the value of internships

Beyond Academy's study of University of Leeds graduates found those working in marketing who have internships take an average of two years less to be promoted to a management role than those without.

In an article for Marketing Week, the results of Beyond Academy’s study show that it takes Leeds alumni with an internship an average of 7.4 years after graduation to reach director level, while those without take an average of 10.1 years.

Dr Helen Hughes, leader of the faculty-wide ‘Year in Industry’ module, commented:

Every year returning students report a wide range of benefits to completing an internship – they come back with increased confidence and focus and undoubtedly develop skills and competencies that are hard to refine or simulate in a purely academic context

Though Dr Hughes does assert that while the benefits of undertaking an internship are clear, “further research is still needed to better understand these factors and the differential effects that they have on students’ employability and career progression.”

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