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Helen Hughes

Dr Helen Hughes spoke on BBC Radio Scotland regarding the benefits of having the right workspace, particularly when working from home, to improve mental health and productivity.

Julia Bennell

In an article published by the Yorkshire Post on 19 November, Executive Dean Professor Julia Bennell discusses the role our researchers are playing in response to the pandemic.

A sign outside an office building saying 'welcome back to the office'

Employers have yet to adapt to the flexible working revolution sweeping through the UK’s offices, new research has shown.

Home office

Associate Professor Helen Hughes appeared on BBC Radio Scotland on 17 September 2021, discussing the current situation with returning to work and considerations that need to be made by organisations.

Modern empty office

Professor Chia-Huei Wu has co-authored an article published in the Summer edition of Safeguard magazine, on how health and safety professionals have responded to the demands of Covid-19.