Developing leadership in girls


Kerrie Unsworth is working with Perth College, Australia, to create and evaluate their Inside Out program. Inside Out is aimed at developing leadership in girls from their first years in school through to their last. Kerrie has worked most closely with Year 10 girls and created a three-day program that builds their self-leadership, motivation and well-being, and which gets them to question widely-held views on leadership. The program has been running for five years and the research to date has shown that the girls have benefited from it. 

Research aims

Women still lag behind in leadership indicators around the world. We aim to get girls to question existing stereotypes and beliefs around leadership and to take on more leadership themselves as they mature.

Research questions

  1. How can we improve leadership in girls?
  2. How do adolescent girls experience others granting them leadership and how does it affect their view of being a leader?
  3. How does perfectionism affect a girl’s view of being a leader and her leadership?