Responding to the changing demands of the finance sector with high-quality research

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Lowering the impact of banking crises in European economies

Designing effective banking regulation with Professor Francesco Vallascas

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More on Lowering the impact of banking crises in European economies
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International Banking Institute

International Banking Institute (IBI)

Since the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007 the focus of the International Banking Institute (IBI)* has been to respond to the changing demands of the banking sector. Prominent areas of research for our members include risk, systemic risk, governance, capital adequacy and bank failure. We also look to emerging trends and developments within the sector with interdisciplinary research and programmes within financial technologies (fintech) with the Schools of Computing and Mathematics.

IBI members comprise a mixture of experience and youth and this is helping to propel the research we do. We marry reports for regulators and industry with high quality academic papers to inform the academic community, industry and the public.

Our research themes

Banking research is diverse. The following research themes are current areas of focus at IBI. We continually seek to broaden the scope of IBI’s interest with the appointment of new staff, the engagement of new Postgraduate Researchers and with an ongoing dialogue with industry.

  • Financial stability
    How can we ensure the safety and sustainability of our financial system through (capital) regulation, accounting standards, and supervision?
  • Real effects of banking
    (How) do banks allocate credit to the right recipients in order to boost the local economy?
  • Bank governance
    Are bank managers excessive risk-takers? Is there a way to limit adverse effects from misbehaviour?
  • Banking and accounting
    What is the value and risk relevance of financial accounting information of banks? How important is accounting discretion for a bank’s earnings and capital management.
  • FinTech
    AI Algorithms, Machine Ethics, CyberCrime, Robot Advice

Strategic Plan 2018 to 2023

*IBI was formerly the International Institute for Banking and Financial Services (IIBFS) and the Centre for Financial Services (CFS). IBI has a long history dating back to the formation of CFS in 1995 that transformed into IIBFS in 1997 when it obtained substantial sponsorship from the financial industry to develop a research unit focusing on issues confronting the sector. In the late 90s, the banking industry was facing rapid technological change from the start of the online revolution, players in the sector were reconfiguring via mergers and regulation was struggling to keep pace with the waves of change washing across the sector. Therefore for the first 12 years of its life the primary foci of IBI were strategy, technology and regulation.