in Centre for Technology Innovation and Engagement

Last name First name Phone number Email Position
Dr Lena J. Jaspersen (née Kruckenberg) Jaspersen Lena +44(0)113 343 5747 University Academic Fellow in Innovation Management
Joo Youngbin Lecturer in Strategic Management
Dr Effie Kesidou Kesidou Effie +44(0)113 343 4514 Associate Professor in Applied Economics
Tony Morgan Morgan Tony Associate Professor in Innovation Management Practice
Dr Josh Morton Morton Josh +44(0)113 343 5933 Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation
Professor Krsto Pandza Pandza Krsto +44(0)113 343 4509 Professor
Joana Pereira Pereira Joana +44(0)113 343 2949 Lecturer in Strategy
Plotnikova Anna Marie Curie PhD Fellow
Fathiro Putra Putra Fathiro +44(0)113 343 0291 Marie Curie PhD Fellowship
Sidhu Jatinder +44(0)113 343 0285 Chair in Strategic Management & Organisation
Lynda Jiwen Song Song Lynda +44(0)113 343 3182 Professor of Management
Zorina Aljona +44(0)113 343 3118 University Acad Fellow Info Management