International Business publication success

Congratulation to Dr. Omar Al-Tabbaa, an Associate Professor of International Business and the Director of Research, for a recent publication he co-authored with colleagues entitled "Academics Engaging in Knowledge Transfer and Co-Creation: Push Causation and Pull Effectuation?". This research is published in the Research Policy Journal, a leading management and innovation journal.

The study investigates the engagement of academics with industry, with a focus on their cognitions such as motivations and decision-making processes. The findings indicate that these cognitions are complex, and linked to the type of industry engagement (knowledge transfer or creation) and individual resource status. Accordingly, the study highlights that a one-size-fits-all approach to academic-business engagement is inappropriate, thus proposes that different incentives and support structures should be provided based on the scenarios between motivations and decision-making processes as identified in the study.

The article provides recommendations for supporting academic engagement with businesses, which is crucial for academic research to generate both short- and long-term business and social benefits for the wider community.

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