Improving policies for welfare & work with energy limiting chronic illness

The Centre for Welfare Reform launch a report on the exclusion of disabled people with energy limiting chronic illness (ELCI) and strategies for inclusion and support.

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Come to the launch event and discover:

  • What is energy-limiting chronic illness (ELCI)
  • How disabled people with ELCI are failed by the system
  • How the disability benefit system could support inclusion and opportunity
  • How to adapt jobs to enable more people with ELCI to work

The event will be live captioned and will have a BSL interpreter.


  • Dr Jo Ingold, Associate Professor, Human Resource Management, Deakin University
  • Catherine Hale, Director, Chronic Illness Inclusion
  • Stef Benstead, Author of Second Class Citizens
  • Dr Kate Hardy, Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations, Leeds University Business School (tbc)
  • Astriid employment support agency

Other speakers to be confirmed.

The report is based on emancipatory disability research by the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project, part of the DRILL programme and supported by Leeds University Business School, CERIC, LSSI, ESRC and the Centre for Welfare Reform.

This report, based on large scale quantitive and qualitive research, disrupts stereotypes and exposes the systemic failings that harm the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the UK. The report proposes a series of evidence-based solutions for disability assessment, social inclusion and employment support.