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The image displays protesters from behind. In the centre of the group, a woman stands with a sign aloft reading,

A hybrid event launching a global database where platform workers document their protest actions.

Side view of stairs in a rainbow of colours

Increase your familiarity around trans identities and rights, and learn how to create a positive experience in higher education.

Maurice Keyworth building, Leeds University Business School

You are invited to a Zoom Seminar by Riccardo Pariboni from the University of Siena, co-authored by Guilherme Morlin from the University of Pisa.

Red and black bookshelf with books arranged to form the outline of China

Doing business in China right now can feel like an almost impossible task. Well, thus was it ever. And of the many resources claiming to hold the answers, which are deserving of our time & attention?

Eli Bohemond Career Farm webinar

This free online professional development webinar hosted by career experts Career Farm is open to Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management

12th EIASM workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research - Corporate Leaders and the Pursuit of Purpose

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events