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A bird's eye view shows a busy table, covered with spreadsheets, graphs, moving hands and coffee cups, giving the appearance of collaborative working.

This full-day conference will explore how collaborative working across social, environmental and economic elements integral to all business ecosystems can lead to social value. 

MK and clouds

The in-person live-streamed joint CERIC & LESS Group seminar is presented by Zlatko Bodrožić (Leeds).

Student stood outside the Great Hall on campus wearing a red ambassador t-shirt

What does your future look like? Come and take a look at our undergraduate Open Day. Explore campus and find out more about your subject.

The Career Farm logo with a photo of Michelle

This free online professional development webinar hosted by career experts Career Farm is open to Leeds alumni, students and staff members.

Maurice Keyworth Building

This event is open to Business School alumni.

Viktor Prokopenya

Join Viktor Prokopenya, one of the UK’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs, for this discussion and networking event, as part of the Business School’s Corporate Wisdom series.

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events