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Members of the STC team have produced a number of papers within top-ranked journals such as the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology, Personnel Psychology, Human Factors, Design Studies, and Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

Here is a list of our publications from 2014 onwards: 


Cichomska K, Robinson M, Minkov M, Davis M, Blagoev V, van der Wal N, Karbownik A, Sengur F, Turhan U, Giuricin A, Dambra C, Rozzi S, Tedeschi A, and Golfetti A. “D1.3 – Theoretical framework of cross-cultural and psycho-social crowd behaviour and management in transport terminals.” IMPACT Project, report for the European Commission. Nov 2016. (Report)

Hardin KL, Russell SV, Davis MC. “Is Dealing with Climate Change a Corporation’s Responsibility? A Social Contract Perspective” Frontiers in Psychology.  Aug 2016. (Journal article)

Cichomska KI, Robinson MA, and Davis MC. “Understanding crowd disasters: A socio-technical and cross-cultural analysis.” 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE). Jul 2016. (Conference presentation)

Bolton LE, Cadas C, Cichomska KI, and Roe V. “Help, my expert is leaving next week!” - Improving the Knowledge Acquisition and Modelling Process within an Engineering Organisation. 7th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE). Jul 2016. (Conference presentation)

Minkov M, Cichomska K, Robinson M, Davis M, Blagoev V, Turhan U, Giuricin A, Dambra C, Rozzi S, Tedeschi A, Golfetti A. “D1.2 – Empirical dataset and results.” IMPACT Project, report for the European Commission. May 2016. (Report)

Clegg CW, McKay A (editor). “A systems approach to increasing UK productivity”. Feb 2016. (Report)

Radburn M, Stott C, Bradford B, and Robinson M). “When is policing fair? Groups, identity and judgements of the procedural justice of coercive crowd policing” Policing and Society. Oct 2016. (Journal article)

Sitepu M, McKay A, Holt RJ. “Towards a framework for sustainable development planning in the Indonesian natural rubber industry supply network” 23rd CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, May 2016. (Conference presentation)

Behera AK, McKay A, Chau HH, Robinson MA. “Embedding multiple design structures into design definitions: A Case study of a collision avoidance robot” 14th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 2016. (Conference paper)

Clegg CW. “A systems approach to increasing UK productivity” Mar 2016. (Report)

McKay A. “Design: Shape & Structure (decomposition / description)” A white paper resulting from a University of Leeds Fund for International Research Collaboration (FIRC) project. Mar 2016. (Report)

Behera AK, McKay A, Chau HH, Robinson MA. “Embedding multiple design structures into design definitions: A case study of a collision avoidance robot” Proceedings of International Design Conference. Jan 2016. (Conference paper)

Pieniazek R. “Weathering Frights – An Empirical Investigation into the Outcomes and Boundary Conditions of Organisational Resilience” Division of Occupational Psychology. Jan 2016. (Conference paper)

Robinson MA. “Quantitative research principles and methods for human-focused research in engineering design” Experimental Design Research: Approaches, Perspectives, Applications. 41-64, Springer. Jan 2016. (Chapter)


Young CW, Davis M, McNeill IM, Malhotra B, Russell S, Unsworth K, Clegg CW. “Changing behaviour: successful environmental programmes in the workplace” Business Strategy and the Environment 24(8). Dec 2015. (Journal article)

Cadas C and Cichomska K. “Knowledge Retention Processes, Tools, and Experiences.” Knowledge Management and Enterprise Solutions Conference (KM World). Nov 2015. (Conference presentation)

McDonald D, Clarkson GP, Bown NJ. “The use of dyadic interviews in teasing out the "difficult to define": Advantages for social identity and altruism research” British Academy of Management. Sep 2015. (Conference paper)

Cichomska K, Roe V, Leach D. “Meeting organization strategy: the 'why' and 'how' of meetings with virtual presence” The Cambridge Handbook of Meeting Science. Editors: Allen JA, Lehmann-Willenbrock N, Rogelberg SG. 663-679. Cambridge University Press. Jul 2015. (Chapter)

Cichomska KI, Kumar A, Cadas C, and Robinson MA. “Delivering engineering standards: A usability study of the Commodity Desktop.” 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE). Jul 2015. (Conference presentation)

Cichomska KI, Yin C, Clegg CW, Kumar A, Robinson MA, McKay A, and Knott D. “Simulating vicious circles in a new product introduction system.” 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE). Jul 2015. (Conference presentation)

Cichomska KI (2015). “Communicating in the era of email: supporting effective practice.” 17th Congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP). May 2015. (Conference presentation)

Bennett K, Grasso F, Lowers V, McKay A, Milligan C. “Evaluation of an app to support older adults with wounds” ACM International Conference Proceeding Series. May 2015. (Conference paper)

Davis MC, Coan P. “Organizational Change” In The Psychology of Green Organizations. Editors: Robertson J, Barling J. 244-274. Oxford University Press. Mar 2015. (Chapter)

McKay A, Stiny G, de Pennington A. “Principles for the definition of design structures International” Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 29(3). Mar 2015. (Journal article)

Cichomska K, and Roe V. (2015). “Meeting effectiveness – changing behaviours to release productivity.” British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference. Jan 2015. (Conference presentation)

Davis MC, Challenger R. “Environmentally sustainable work behaviour” Wiley Encyclopedia of Management. Editors: Flood PC, Freeney Y. 3rd, Wiley. Jan 2015. (Chapter) 


Clegg CW, Bolton LE, Offutt R, Davis MC. “Work design for compassionate care and patient safety” Implementing culture change within the NHS: Contributions from Occupational Psychology. Editors: Tate L, Donaldson-Feilder E, Teoh K, Hug B, Everest G. 25-33. British Psychological Society. Nov 2014. (Chapter)

Choong CG, McKay A. “Sustainability in the Malaysian palm oil industry” Journal of Cleaner Production 85. 15 Dec 2014. (Journal article)

McKay A. “Examples of design research and their implications for design and designing” The Routledge Companion to Design Research. Editors: Rodgers P, Yee J. Routledge. Oct 2014. (Chapter)

McKay A, Kundu S. “A representation scheme for digital product service system definitions” Advanced Engineering Informatics 28(4). Aug 2014. (Journal article)

Utami ID, Holt RJ, McKay A. “A Sociotechnical systems approach to managing material flow in the Indonesian fertiliser industry” PLM 14-International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management. Jul 2014. (Conference paper)

Beaumont LC, Bolton LE, McKay A, Hughes HPN. “Rethinking Service Design: A Socio-Technical Approach to the Development of Business Models” Product Development in the Socio-Sphere: Game Changing Paradigms for 21st Century Breakthrough Product Development and Innovation. Springer. Jun 2014. (Chapter)

Morris LD, McKay A, Cassidy T. “A coding scheme for use in the design of electronic consumer products for older adults” 13th International Design Conference. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. May 2014. (Conference paper)

Utami ID, Holt RJ, McKay A. “The resilience assessment of supply networks: A case study from the Indonesian Fertilizer” Industry International conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing. Apr 2014. (Conference paper)

Budha KN, Galfarsoro I, McKay A, Tang T. “Ageing and wellbeing: understanding and changing elderly people’s experiences of the city (centres as commons)” British Sociological Association Annual Conference. Apr 2014. (Conference paper)

Budha KN, Galfarsoro I, Mckay A, Tang T. “Designing innovation for wellbeing: City centres, leisure and wellbeing” Technology, Care and Ageing: Enhancing Independence. Apr 2014. (Conference paper)

Davis MC, Challenger R, Jayewardene D, Clegg CW. “Advancing socio-technical systems thinking: a call for bravery Applied Ergonomics: human factors” Technology and society 45(2). Mar 2014. (Journal article)

Clarkson GP. “Twenty-First Century Employment Relationships: The Case for an Altruistic Model Human” Resource Management 53(2). Jan 2014. (Journal article)

Pieniazek R. “Understanding and Improving Organisational resilience: A proactive and Socio-technical Approach” Division of Occupational Psychology. Jan 2014. (Conference paper)

You can find details of our earlier publications here.