An interdisciplinary team of experts


Professor Alison McKay, Professor of Design Systems

Design description, engineering design informatics, engineering supply chain innovation, product development processes and systems, design synthesis.

Mark Robinson, Associate Professor, Management Division

Human performance, group behaviour, social cognition, complex systems, research methods.


Dr Matthew Davis, Lecturer in Socio-Technical Systems

Design and evaluation of physical workspace, Pro-Environmental Behaviour, Sustainability, CSR, Socio-Technical Systems Thinking and Methods

Helen Hughes, Lecturer in Organizational Psychology

Job design, work organization, team behaviour, complex systems, applied research methods.

Dr Rebecca Pieniazek, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Organisational Behaviour.

Individual, group and organisational behaviour, employees within their social and technical organisational environment, organisational and personal resilience, organisational capabilities, top-down versus bottom-up processes and behaviour, organisational performance, research methods, structural equation modelling.

Alice Buckley

Job Design, Diversity, Inclusion, Human Factors and Organisational Change

Associate members