Leeds Economics: Advances in Pedagogy (LEAP)

Scholarship in teaching practice

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Our community of scholars produce resources that enhance teaching at Leeds and beyond, significantly influencing the wider discipline. Dr Michael Reynolds and Dr Andrew Mearman are Associates of the Economics Network, a collaborative cross-university association established by the Higher Education Academy to improve economics teaching and learning. 

Leeds staff engage in continuous reflection about their teaching, and these efforts have doubled in the response to the challenges of teaching and learning during the Covid pandemic. Here we present case studies of reflections on teaching practice, discussing issues such as module design, interactive teaching, and effective use of lecture capture and other video resources. 

Dr Andrew Mearman and co-authors Lory Barile (Warwick) and Anthony Plumridge (UWE, Bristol) published a revised chapter of the Economics Network’s Handbook for Economics Lecturers, on embedding sustainability in the economics curriculum, with new material from ecological and behavioural economic perspectives.

Dr Karsten Kohler, combining his research on macroeconomics with teaching he has done on several modules, has created a DIY Macro Model Simulation tool that teachers and students can use in their engagement with a range of theoretical perspectives on macroeconomic modelling.

Dr Andrew Mearman, working with Sam Taylor from the Business School’s Enhancement team, released a brief 360 degree tour of LUBS, including tips for new students on what to do in lectures and seminars.

Dr Andrew Mearman discusses how a classroom exercise on minimum wages can create useful doubt in students.

Dr Antonio Rodriguez-Gil, working with Dr Hilary Kane, has created a podcast on how students can avoid plagiarism: 

Episode 1. Self-plagiarism
Episode 2. Collusion (Accidental & Intended)
Episode 3. Using detection websites
Episode 4. Usual Academic Integrity mistakes in Online exams

Dr Rodriguez-Gil along with Dr Jennie Robinson continue the Podcast on Plagiarism, which aims to improve academic integrity literacy among a diverse body of students. 

Dr Antonio Rodriguez-Gil and Dr Stefan Kesting have worked with colleagues in Manchester to set up a northern hub of the Economics Network. Its first event was on 14 December 2023, on the topic of assessment.