Dr Andrew Mearman

Dr Andrew Mearman


I am Associate Professor of Economics in the Leeds University Business School, which I joined LUBS in September 2015, having previously held permanent or visiting positions at the University of the West of England, Bristol; Wagner College, New York; University of Lincoln, UK; University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; and the New School University, New York. Leeds is the also the insitution from which I received my PhD and Masters degree in Economics.

My principal interests now are in student education, mainly in pedagogy; and I have responsibility for delivering economics teaching at Leeds in my role as Director of Student Education for the Economics Division. I have published extensively on the teaching of economics, particularly on curriculum design and the merits (or otherwise) of teaching economics pluralistically. Linked to this role, I am an Associate of the Economics Network. In addition, in 2019/20 I had a Fellowship at the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (jointly with Ruth Payne, School of LCS) on new student transition into university, called ELIXIR the ouputs of which played a major role in underpinning the university’s approach to welcome and induction in 2020/21.

Outside of teaching my main interest is in the Economics discipline, namely the nature, role, purpose and treatment of 'heterodox' economics. My book (co-authored with Sebastian Berger and Danielle Guizzo) interviews sixteen leading economists to explore their views on heterodoxy. Connected to this, I advocate for greater pluralism in economics. One way I do this is through the Association for Heterodox Economics, of which I was Co-ordinator (Chair) from 2004-2007. For the AHE, I organise annual training workshops in advanced research methods for PhD candidates on economics topics.

In all of these endeavours I apply and draw philosophical and methodological insight, employing materials developed in my work on economic methodology, most particularly the role of realism in economics. Most significant in this area is my work with Paul Downward (Loughborough) on mixed methods research.

Finally, I am committed to realigning economics with ecological imperatives, as outlined in the sub-discipline of ecological economics. Partly to this end, I am a member of the Green House Think Tank.


  • Assistant Head of Final Year
  • School Ethics Lead

Research interests

My current research projects are:-

The nature of heterodox economics

Evaluating recent and ongoing reforms of economics, such as the CORE Project

Welcome, induction and transition of higher education students


  • PhD University of Leeds
  • MA University of Leeds
  • BSocSc University of Birmingham
  • Senior Fellow of the HEA

Professional memberships

  • Association for Heterodox Economics
  • Union of Radical Political Economists
  • Associate, Economics Network

Student education

I am an Assistant Head of Year I provide personal tutoring to final year students.

My teaching draws on my expertise in economic methodology and research methods, which I have taught at levels 1, 2, 3 and D at Leeds.

Prevously, I acted as Director of Student Education for the Economic Division.

Research groups and institutes

  • Applied Institute for Research in Economics

Current postgraduate researchers