Research Topics

Banking Research is Diverse
The following research themes are current in IBI but the appointment of new staff and the engagement of new doctoral students are likely to broaden the scope of IBI’s interests, as will further discussions with the banking industry.  One obvious example is the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) within the banking industry.  This is likely to lead to major, as unknown, changes within the sector and it is possible to imagine a whole set of research topics – for example, how does compliance operate within a sector dominated by AI algorithms?

1. Financial Stability:

How can we ensure the safety and sustainability of our financial system through (capital) regulation, accounting standards, and supervision?

2. Real Effects of Banking:

(How) Do banks allocate credit to the right recipients in order to boost the local economy?

3. Bank Governance:

Are bank managers excessive risk-takers? Is there a way to limit adverse effects from misbehaviour?

4. Banking and Accounting:

What is the value and risk relevance of financial accounting information of banks? How important is accounting discretion for a bank’s earnings and capital management.


5. FinTech:

AI Algorithms, Machine Ethics, CyberCrime, Robot Advice, etc.