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Welcome to the International Banking Institute (IBI), formerly known as the International Institute for Banking and Financial Services (IIBFS) and the Centre for Financial Services (CFS).

IBI has a long history dating back to the formation of CFS in 1995 that transformed into IIBFS in 1997 when it obtained substantial sponsorship from the financial industry to develop a research unit focusing on issues confronting the sector. In the late 90s, the banking industry was facing rapid technological change from the start of the online revolution, players in the sector were reconfiguring via mergers and regulation was struggling to keep pace with the waves of change washing across the sector. Not surprisingly, therefore, for the first 12 years of its life the primary foci of IBI were strategy, technology and regulation.

Everything changed with the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007. Consequently, the new focus of IBI has been to respond to the changing demands of the sector.  The subjects of risk, systemic risk, governance (in its many guises), capital adequacy and bank failure have all become the staple fare of IBI. However, IBI never stands still and is embarking on topics and programmes within FinTech with the departments of computing and mathematics. Of course, these major streams of research are accompanied by many research projects and reports in adjacent topics – for example, credit allocation, competition or earnings management in the banking sector.

Running alongside this change of research emphasis, there has been a large number of staff changes over the years as staff have progressed to senior roles at other institutions and some have even retired (a reflection of the longevity of IBI). The staff in IBI comprise a mixture of experience and youth/vigour and this is helping to propel the research we do. In terms of research outputs, there has also been a change of focus. As we have moved more towards risk, governance, regulation, FinTech, etc. we are marrying reports for regulators/industry with high quality, academic papers – to inform the academic community, industry and the public.

Research topics

The research activity of the Institute covers a wide range of topics in banking and financial services

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Jacky and Asma - Research Collaboration Projects with Stockholm Business School

Ongoing projects

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