Dr Gulbanu Kaptan

Dr Gulbanu Kaptan


My research interests focus on judgment and decision making, with particular interest in food-related risk (benefit) perception and communication.

Current Research Projects:

Principle Investigator for the project on Subconscious and affective determinants of food waste behaviour, (2020). Leeds University Business School Challange Fund.

Co-Investigator for the project on Mapping the Leeds urban food system and exploring the implications for social justice, and environmental and dietary health, (2019-2021). University of Leeds for Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives Grant.

Collaborator for the multi-country project on Why people eat in a traditional or modern way, (2017-2020). German Research Foundation.

Previous Research Projects:

Co-Investigator and Co-director for the ESRC Research Seminar Series on Integrating perspectives on consumer perceptions of food safety, nutrition and waste (2014-2017). ESRC Grant.

Principle Investigator for the project on Eliciting expert opinion on consumers’ understanding of the interactions between nutrition, food safety, and waste (2015). Leeds University Business School Research Centre Grant.

Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellow for the project on Contamination of food with biological agents: An integrated risk analysis and risk communication approach (2009-2012). EU-FP7 Grant.


  • Workload Coordinator of the Management Division

Research interests

  • Consumer perception and decision making in relation to food-related risks and benefits (e.g.,novel food technologies, food waste, nutrition, food safety)
  • Developing risk (benefit) communications, and other public health interventions related to food choice
  • Eating behaviour
  • Social value foundations of risk (i.e., relationship between social factors and risk beliefs & attitudes)

*I welcome contact from prospective PhD candidates interested in any of the above research topics.


  • PhD Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, Bilkent University (Turkey)
  • MBA
  • MSc and BSc Food Engineering, Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Professional memberships

  • Editorial board member in the Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Communication
  • Member of the Society for Risk Analysis
  • Member of the Global Food and Environment Institute - University of Leeds
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Student education

--Winner of LUBS 2017-18 Partnership awards in the category of Best Feedback - the person who provides invaluable and supportive academic feedback, in both content and delivery method, which helps others to develop and excel in their work.

Undergraduate Teaching (current):
LUBS1785 Introduction to Effective Decision Making (Module Leader)
Postgraduate Teaching (current): 
LUBS5253 Advanced Management Decision Making (Module Leader) 

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Teaching (previous):

LUBS55582 Research Methods (Module Leader) 2015-2017

LUBS5202 Risk Perception and Communication (Team member) 2015-2019

LUBS2765 Advanced Management Decision Making (Module Leader) 2014-2019

LUBS3885 Management Decision Making (Lecturer and Tutor in Semester 1) 2014-2018





Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Decision Research