Postgraduate job market

The following students are actively looking for work following their current research study.

Student Areas of expertise Available to work from Email address
Arash Valipour Thesis Title: A Model of Front-line Employee Burnout: Evidence from Professional Services Firms Research Interests: Services Marketing, Business and International Marketing, Psychology in Marketing 2nd September 2019 /
Jose Lima Velazquez Thesis Title: Microeconomic development: An investigation on labour markets and middle classes Research Interests: Economic development, Applied econometrics, Public policy evaluation
Marina Boulos Thesis title: "Workplace stress. Is prevention better than cure? Looking at primary organisational interventions" Research Interests: Work related stress, Stress management interventions, HRM
Nikolas Feistkorn Thesis Title: An application of the quad-model: Director’s social network and Board’s monitoring performance Research Interests: Strategic Management, Corporate Governance, Board of Directors 1st January 2020
Sherif Youssef Thesis Title: How do Social Enterprises emerge as a civic need within the emerging markets? Egypt as a case study.