Sherif Youssef

Postgraduate researcher Sherif Youssef



Open Society Foundation Civil Society Scholar


MA Social and Public Policy, University of Leeds
MRes Advanced Marketing Management, Lancaster University
BSc General Management, German University in Cairo


Open Society Foundation Civil Society Scholar

Professional Memberships

International Sociological Association
British Sociological Association


Sherif Youssef is a doctoral researcher at the Centre of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Studies at Leeds University Business School and The Bauman Institute at the School of Sociology and Social Policy. Sherif is an Organizational Theorist with a background in marketing and public policy. His research focuses on Hybrid organisations such as social enterprises in the emerging markets, which aims to address societal challenges while creating some financial revenues. He has a broader research interest looking at the economics of innovation, patient finance and economic growth.

Thesis title

How do Social Enterprises emerge as a civic need within the emerging markets? Egypt as a case study.


Dr Richard Tunstall, Dr Mark Davis


Hybrid Organisations, Social Enterprises, Emerging Markets, Economic Development

Teaching Assistant experience

SLSP1150 Politics and Social Transformations
SLSP1170 Understanding and Researching Contemporary Society
SLSP1220 Social Policy: Poor Laws to the Present
SLSP2675 Sociology of Work
LUBS1010 Understanding Social Enterprise 
LUBS 2035 Finance for Small Business