Arash Valipour

Postgraduate researcher Arash Valipour



Leeds University Business School: School Studentship


BSc Computer Science, Iran

MBA, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran


School Studentship for PhD Programme, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, UK, October 2015

Full Fund Scholarship for MBA Programme, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran, October 2009


Teaching fellow at Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran, Iran

Teaching fellow at Shahid Beheshti Technico-Vocational College, Karaj, Iran

Executive manager at Iran Marketing Scientific Association, Tehran, Iran

Contractual researcher at Cereal Research Centre, Government Trading Corporation, Ministry of Industry, Mine and trade, Tehran, Iran

Conference Presentations

“Impact of Job Stressors on Job Engagement in Professional Services Firms: The Moderating Role of Job Feedback, AMS Annual Conference, 2019”, Vancouver, Canada

“A Study of Job Stressors among B2B Senior Solicitors”, AMS World Marketing Congress, 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland.

“Impacting Factors on Job Stress in Professional Front-Line Employees: Evidence from Senior Solicitors”, AMA Global Sig Doctoral Consortium, 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Thesis Title

A Model of Front-line Employee Burnout: Evidence from Professional Services Firms


Dr Ghasem Zaefarian

Professor Matthew Robson

Dr Zhaleh Najafi Tavani


Services Marketing; B2B Marketing; Professional Services

Thesis Synopsis

Using Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) theory, the aim of this research is to investigate on what conditions job demands (i.e. time pressure and administrative hassles) generate job stress in front-line employees of professional services firms. In addition to the job demands, we also examined how participation of a client can affect an employee’s job stress. We collected 232 data from senior solicitors working in the UK law firms. The results show that time pressure has a right-half U-shaped relationship with job stress. We also found that administrative hassles can impact on job stress positively. Moreover, frequency of client participation and quality of client participation increase and decrease job stress respectively. Our analysis depicts that job stress of solicitors with more job autonomy is less affected by time pressure. Emotional intelligence (EI) was also found to have a moderating role on the relationship between frequency of client participation and quality of client participation with job stress.


Work in Progress:

1. “Boundary spanners’ theory of stress and burnout in Professional Services Firms”, with Ghasem Zaefarian, Matthew Robson and Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Target Journal: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; will be submitted by September 2019

2. “Behavioural Responses to Service Failure of Beloved Restaurant: How Loyalty Keeps Customers away from Complaining”, Working Paper and Data Analysis in Progress, With Bardia Batala and Farhad Moghimehfar, Target Journal: Tourism Management; will be submitted by Dec 2019.

3. “Client participation, phobia, and emotional intelligence theory of lawyer’s burnout”, with Ghasem Zaefarian, Matthew Robson and Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Target Journal: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science; will be submitted by Dec 2019.

Academic References

Referee 1 Name: Dr Ghasem Zaefarian


Referee 2 Name: Prof Matthew Robson



Referee 3 Name: Dr Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani