Marina Boulos

Postgraduate researcher Marina Boulos




MA Human Resource Management (University of Leeds)

BBA in Marketing with a Minor in Human Resources (American University of Kuwait)

Professional Memberships

Associate CIPD


Peer Tutor (AUK) - Running one to one tutoring sessions on a wide range of modules.
Peer Academic Leader (AUK) - Advising students on a range of issues regarding class choices and registration.
Module Teaching Assistant (UoL) (Current)


Certificate of Achievement: Student Worker Award (Academic Advising Centre) [2012]

Dean's Honour List [2009, 2010, 2013]

President's Honour Roll- American University of Kuwait [2013]

1st Prize Poster Presentation CERIC Doctoral Conference [May 2015]

1st Prize Paper Presentation CERIC [June 2018]

Conference Presentations

Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) Conference 2018
Paper presentation ‘Inequalities in Organisational Stress Management [1st prize]

Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) Conference 2017
 Paper presentation ‘Whose job is it anyway? Trade Unions and Stress Management’

International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) 2017
Paper presentation ‘The Role of Trade Unions in Stress Management’

Work, Employment and Society (WES) Conference 2016
Presentation ‘Work Related Stress – Studying Interventions’

White Rose Doctoral Training Centre (WRDTC) Conference 2016
Paper Presentation ‘Stress Management Interventions – What Needs to be Changed’

White Rose Doctoral Training Centre (WRDTC) Conference 2015
Poster ‘Stress and Sustainability

Centre for Employment Relations Innovation and Change (CERIC) Conference 2015
Poster ‘Work Related Stress – Prevention vs. Cure [1st prize]


Thesis title: "Workplace stress. Is prevention better than cure? Looking at primary organisational interventions"

Supervisors: Christopher FordeJo Ingold


Work related stress; stress management interventions; evaluation; prevention; organisational interventions; primary interventions; secondary interventions; tertiary interventions.

Thesis synopsis

This thesis investigates the process behind stress management interventions (SMIs). This includes the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions (both formative and summative), along with exploring the roles of involved stakeholders. Although there is a plethora of studies around work related stress across several disciplines, they are dominantly focused on the effects of stress on individuals, organisations and the society, highlighting the various costs which are associated with it. However, the studies on SMIs are less common, particularly ones with detailed accounts of the SMI process. As a result this hinders our understanding of which SMIs work for whom in what context (Biron, 2012), making it difficult for forthcoming studies to benefit from the results of the study.

A multiple case study research, of a higher education institute an Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) housing association, had been conducted to address what the literature has neglected. Specifically looking at the various steps of the SMI process and highlighting the key roles of the involved stakeholders while contrasting the effects that context has across two different sectors. This was done through forty semi-structured interviews with relevant stakeholders from both organisations to gain retrospective insight into the SMI processes, understand their role and what they perceive it to be and to evaluate what helps and hinders the success of SMIs.

It has been found that giving each step of the research process sufficient attention, from the relevant stakeholders is key. The lack of communication around who the relevant stakeholders are significantly hindered the interventions. Managers, in particular, were found to be crucial to SMI success by supporting the interventions and enhancing communication. Other stakeholders which roles were found to be vital, however did not have any explicit mentions in the literature, were human resources and trade unions.  


Teaching Assistance Experience

LUBS2885 HRM Research Practice and Personal Tutorials - Undergraduate

LUBS2580 Contemporary Human Resource Management - Undergraduate

LUBS2000 Management, Work and Organisations - Undergraduate


Academic References


Referee 1 Name: Christopher Forde


Referee 2 Name: Jo Ingold