Developing an Inclusive Research Culture through Improving Research Support Practices


An inclusive research system is imperative if we are to provide a supportive environment for research to take place.

Through this project, we will expand on the findings of our previously funded Phase 1 project 'Improving Research Culture Through Addressing Inequality in Research Funding' by:

1) implementing interventions identified in Phase 1 to remove barriers and improve inclusivity in external research funding development activities

2) extending our focus beyond research funding development support to look at the wider research system.

In undertaking the above, we aim to align with REF2028 and the University of Leeds’ Research Culture Strategy objectives to:

1) Increase the variety of staff roles named as PI, Co-I and Researcher Co-I on funding applications

2) Increase the proportion of staff stating they have benefited from researcher development programmes, by career stage

3) Increase the diversity of research activities that are communicated and celebrated.


This work is supported by Research England under the Enhancing Culture Research funding stream. 

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