Rahul Desai

Rahul Desai

MBA Full time 2009


Twenty five year old Rahul Desai was working as an Executive Engineer at North Delhi Power Ltd (Tata Power) when he made the decision to come to Leeds for further study. 

He chose to come to the UK because there were no language barriers to hinder his understanding. The course could also be completed in one year making it a more attractive and cheaper option than the two-year MBA programmes offered by US universities.

He says “I wanted to study at a good university and Leeds was positioned high in the rankings. It was also rated third in the world for value-for-money which was a key factor for me”. The personal assistance Rahul received from the University’s India Office and later the Business School’s MBA team (which he describes as “world-class”) confirmed that he had made the right decision. He said “even before I’d arrived in Leeds I was given access to the University’s Portal where I could book my accommodation and read news from the School which was very helpful”.

Moving to Leeds was not without challenges for Rahul. “It was hard to leave my job and adjust to student life again. I do miss my family, friends, boss and work colleagues but I now have a new network of diverse contacts from 24 countries. I have learned a lot about different cultures and ways of working that will be of real benefit in my future career”.

Being one of the youngest on the programme, Rahul has benefited from the advice and work methods of older classmates. When faced with an unfamiliar subject he got up early to study and this self-discipline has led to him achieving excellent marks. In recognition he has been sponsored by the School to attend the prestigious European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM) in Denmark at the end of June.

He is currently undertaking a project at a leading energy company and plans to stay on in the UK. “There are good opportunities here. I wanted to work in a different country and see different ways of doing things. My MBA will add value to my previous experience and I can share best practice between the two countries”.

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