Ida Andreasen

Senior Analyst, Nordea Markets

MSc Financial Mathematics 2006


Why did you choose Leeds?
I came to Leeds as part of an exchange agreement with the University of Copenhagen. During my course I changed to a business school student as I thought it would be a good thing to have a degree from a UK University when applying for UK jobs.

What did you like about the course?
I especially enjoyed the teaching and the combination of subjects on the course. The course specialised in the areas I was interested in, namely finance and mathematics. I found the mathematics brush-up module very useful in the first semester. In general, the lecturers seemed very keen on giving us the best background understanding of the topics. The combination of pure mathematics modules and finance modules gave variation to the course and allowed us as students to view the material from different angles.

And what about the teaching style?
The lectures were of a very high quality and the helpfulness of the lecturers stood out. There seemed to be much more focus on the individual student than what I was used to in Copenhagen. I never felt stupid or too intimidated to ask a question if there was something that wasn’t clear. The lecturers always seemed very willing to help and succeeded in explaining often very complicated theoretical issues in an easily understandable way. The professional focus of the course was new to me coming from Copenhagen. In Denmark courses seem to be focused more towards research whereas here in Leeds there is a clear focus on the private sector as well as research. I found this to be a nice change from what I was used to as my career aspirations are directed towards the private sector.

How has the course helped you in your career?
One of the highlights of the year was when I got offered a graduate job with the Royal Bank of Scotland in London. I believe my stay here in Leeds had a big role to play in my success with regards to my job hunt. Not only for academic reasons, living in the UK also improved my knowledge of the British culture, which helped me when applying for vacancies and going to interviews. During my job search I found the facilities at the Business School Career Management Centre very helpful. The Director was very encouraging and supportive, both with regards to the seminars he held and the individual sessions I had with him.

After leaving the Business School I began my career with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Financial Markets department. My ambitions are to use and develop my skills in this job. In the longer term I would like to further develop my career in the financial sector in the UK.

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