Evie Brockwell

Evie Brockwell

Product Owner, TUI Group

BSc International Business and Economics 2015

United Kingdom

From day one at university we were taught the importance of work experience for employability and enhancing skills. Having just completed my work placement at TUI UK&I I cannot stress enough how important I think this has become as an aspect of university life.

When I started my work placement I felt as though I had the necessary skills to succeed and had received a strong education in my first two years at university so that I could understand business concepts. However, I didn’t realise how applicable my university learnings would become or how useful my placement would be to enhance skills that I could use when I returned to university. 

I developed skills such as using initiative and working with and relating to others. While placed in a professional environment I had to adapt skills I already had and build on skills I wasn’t as confident in. I have learnt how to observe those who have these skills, increase my confidence and then have the ability to improve processes. I was able to spend time in departments where I would be able to put my learnings from university in place, such as marketing and finance. I couldn’t have asked for more support and guidance from my placement team or the University. Completing a blog every day as part of my university work and having regular feedback on my progress from a placement tutor meant that I could fully understand the benefits that taking a placement had on my academic studies. 

Whilst on placement I have been able to develop skills to help me when I return to university, such as the most appropriate ways to approach employees for dissertation interviews, how best to manage tasks and how to work as a part of a team to achieve the optimal outcomes for group work. I have also been inspired by a dissertation topic, which should be interesting to write! Since returning to university I have easily adapted back into university life with more motivation and a stronger understanding of topics that I am now learning and how they can apply practically for my future career. 

The placement that I secured was recommended to me within my first year by my personal tutor and I have recently secured a place on the graduate scheme for next year. My hard work and dedication to get to this point is due to the recommendations from my tutor, information provided to develop my skills in order to secure a placement and the help from tutors and the placement team whilst at TUI UK&I. 

I have really enjoyed my time so far as part of the Business School and I’m eager to make the most out of my final year. It’s a great department to be a part of with excellent modules, the flexibility to choose options that suit you and amazing support from the staff in the department to help you achieve what you desire, career and academic wise.

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