Steven Marcelino

Steven Marcelino (International Business and Finance 2013)

Brexit Strategy Consultant, Accenture

BSc International Business and Finance 2013


Steven came from Indonesia to complete his BSc in International Business and Finance at Leeds University Business School. Following graduation, Steven moved to London, but after a year working as a Prime Brokerage Analyst for UBS Investment Bank, Steven found his strengths in building relationships with people and networking took him down a new path. Now a Business Strategy Consultant at Accenture, Steven sits on the Beyond Brexit UK & Ireland Team. 

As a student, Steven embraced everything that the University could offer. A strong networker, Steven became actively involved in many societies and clubs during his time at Leeds. He went on to be elected as Activities Executive of Culture for Leeds University Union and was an Intercultural Ambassador for One Young World Summit. His international initiatives were recognised, and he was presented with two nationwide awards by NUS and Russel Group in 2013.

He said: “When you perform at your workplace using your key strengths, you will enjoy what you do even more. I love my time with Accenture Strategy; they heavily invest in their people development and they allow you to drive the direction of your career through multiple short-term projects with different clients. Looking back, I believe my past extra-curricular activities in Leeds were crucial to prepare myself to lead team members with diverse backgrounds and to proactively create impactful initiatives. These 'outside-of-the-comfort-zone' activities had proven to be my unique story which was truly differentiated.”

Since graduation Steven has been actively involved with the Business School. In November 2016, Steven re-entered the classroom through Skype, as part of our Alumni in the Classroom initiative. 

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