Zhaleh Najafi Tavani

Associate Professor of Marketing

+44 (0) 113 343 4664
Academic, Marketing, Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre (GLOSMARC)
1.05, 18 Lyddon Terrace


PhD, Manchester Business School
MSc in Industrial Engineering, University of Amirkabir


Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani has been a lecturer in the University of Leeds Business School since August 2011. Prior to her current position, Dr Tavani worked as a Lecturer at the University of Strathclyde. She received her Ph.D. from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom.

Her research interests are on business relationships, new service development, services performance, intra-firm knowledge transfer, and international strategic alliances. Dr Tavani has published extensively in International Business and International Marketing journals such as Journal of World Business, Management International Review, Industrial Marketing Management, and Service Industries Journal.

A passionate and enthusiastic lecturer, Dr Tavani enjoys teaching a variety of courses in the International Business and Marketing disciplines, across undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Business relationships
New service development
Services performance
Intra-firm knowledge transfer
International strategic alliances


LUBS 5475M MSc International Distribution Strategy
LUBS3190 International Marketing


Refereed Journal Papers

Najafi-Tavani, S., Najafi-Tavani, Z., and Naudé, P. Oghazi, P., Zeynaloo. (forthcoming), E., “How Collaborative Innovation Networks Affect New Product Performance: Product Innovation Capability, Process Innovation Capability, and Absorptive Capacity”, Industrial Marketing Management.

Najafi-Tavani, Z., Robson, M., Zaefarian, G., Ulf, A., and Chong Y. (forthcoming) “Building Subsidiary Local Responsiveness: (When) Does the Directionality of Intrafirm Knowledge Transfers Matter?”, Journal of World Business.

Najafi-Tavani, Saeed, Hossein Sharifi, and Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani (2016), "Market orientation, marketing capability, and new product performance: The moderating role of absorptive capacity," Journal of Business Research, 69 (11), 5059-64.

Najafi-Tavani, Zhaleh, Ghasem Zaefarian, Stephan C. Henneberg, Peter Naudé, Axèle Giroud, and Ulf Andersson (2015), "Subsidiary Knowledge Development in Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: A Configuration Approach," Journal of International Marketing, 23 (4), 22-43.

Zaefarian, Ghasem, Zhaleh Najafi-Tavani, Stephan C. Henneberg, and Peter Naudé (2016), "Do supplier perceptions of buyer fairness lead to supplier sales growth?," Industrial Marketing Management, 53, 160-71.

Najafi-Tavani, Z., Zaefarian, G., Naudé, P., Giroud, A. (2015), "Reverse Knowledge Transfer and Subsidiary Power". Industrial Marketing Management, 48: 103–110.

Naudé, P., Zaefarian, G., Najafi-Tavani, Z., Neghabi, S., Zaefarian, R. (2014) “The Influence of Network Effects on SME Performance”.  Industrial Marketing Management, 43(4):  630–641.

Najafi-Tavani, Z., Giroud, A., Andersson, U. (2014). The Interplay of Networking Activities and Internal Knowledge Actions for Subsidiary Influence within MNCs. Journal of World Business, 41(1): 122-131.

Najafi-Tavani, Z., Giroud, A., & Sinkovics, R., (2012) “Knowledge-Intensive Business Services: Does Dual Embeddedness Matter?” The Service Industries Journal, 32: 1691-1705.

Najafi-Tavani, Z., Giroud, A., & Sinkovics, R., (2012) “Mediating effect in Reverse Knowledge Transfer Processes: The Case of Knowledge-Intensive Services in the U.K.” Management International Review, 52: 461-488.

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