Annina Kaltenbrunner

Lecturer in the Economics of Globalisation and the International Economy

+44 (0)113 3436343
Academic, Economics, Applied Institute of Research in Economics (AIRE)
G.19, Maurice Keyworth Building

Annina Kaltenbrunner is Lecturer in the Economics of Globalisation and the International Economy at Leeds University Business School. She holds a PhD and MSc in Development Economies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, a Postgraduate Certification in Econometrics from Birkbeck, and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Her areas of research are development economics, international finance, monetary economics, international political economy, heterodox economics and methodology. She has published on exchange rate theory, currency internationalisation, financial integration, financialisation, and the Eurozone Crisis.

Annina has collaborated on work for the United Nations University (UNU), two European FP7 Projects AUGUR and FESSUD, a 2-year project on Finance and Inequality with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), and commissioned work on currency internationalisation and emerging market debt by the Brazilian central bank and Unctad respectively.

She is currently working on a project on the internationalisation and financialisation of Austrian firms in Eastern Europe funded by the Austrian Chamber of Workers. Annina is  an active member of several academic organisations, including the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy (IIPPE), the Post Keynesian Study Group (PKSG) and the Reteaching Economics Network.


Annina’s research focuses on finance and macroeconomic policy in developing and emerging economies and the Eurozone. She is interested in cross-border capital flows and international financial integration and the implications these processes have for macroeconomic and monetary policy.  She is currently working on currency internationalisation, financialisation in developing and emerging economies, and cross-border capital flows. She is also interested in building bridges to other disciplines, including international political economy and economic geography. In her research, Annina uses a range of different methods and alternative theories, including Post Keynesian theory and Marxist political economy.


Annina is currently module leader of the following modules:
LUBS 3570 Current Topics in European Integration
LUBS 5116M The Economics of Globalisation & The International Economy


Articles in Refereed Journals

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Contributions to Edited Books

Dymski, G.A.; Kaltenbrunner, A. (2017): How Finance Globalized: A Tale of two Cities. In: Ertuerk,  I.; Gabor, D. (2017): The Routledge Companion to Banking Regulation and Reform,  Routledge, Oxon, pp. 351-370

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Kaltenbrunner, A. (2012) The Exchange Rate in Economic Paradigms. In: Toporowski, J.;  Michell, J. (eds) The Handbook of Critical Issues in Finance. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

Other Selected Publications

Belfrage, C.; Jaeger, J.; Kaltenbrunner, A. (2016): Currency Internationalization. Report for the British  Commonwealth Office, the Brazilian Central Bank and Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission

Dymski, G.; Kaltenbrunner, A.; Szymborska, H. (2015): Financialization and Inequality: A European Challenge. Queries – European Progressive Observatory #7, pp. 34-37

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Kaltenbrunner, A. (2005) La "Eterna Deuda Externa" de Argentina. Development&Policy, Working  Group on Information about Development Policy, 2005(03). (in German)

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